• The actions promoted by the OTP-administered highways in support of truckers

    DATE: 04/16/2020

    Published by: OTP

     While many Brazilians who have the possibility are practicing social isolation with the aim of doing their part and contributing to the fight against the new coronavirus, many are the professionals who need to continue working outside their homes, since they perform essential functions for the life of the country, even at this time of pandemic. Concerned with the health and well-being of thousands of truck drivers who cross our highways every day, the concessionaires managed by OTP have implemented a series of actions for these people who are responsible for supplying Brazil. Find out more!

    Rota do Oeste assists truck drivers on BR-163/MT highway

    Rota do Oeste Concessionaire, responsible for the maintenance of BR-163 highway in Mato Grosso, has set up two Support Points for Truck Drivers to ensure assistance to road professionals who continue working to supply Brazil at this time of the coronavirus pandemic. Every day, more than 300 drivers are assisted at the structures strategically installed in Cuiabá and Rondonópolis, where health services, orientation on disease prevention, hygiene and food kits (snack and lunch) are offered. By April 8th (Wednesday) about 3,200 truck drivers were served.

    The action is aligned with the strategies of the Ministry of Infrastructure, which seeks ways to guarantee the assistance to drivers who provide an essential service, the supply of the country, reducing the impact of the pandemic on Brazilian lives.

    The limited supply of food and services on the margins of the roads throughout Brazil has been a constant complaint of the category and the Support Point has softened the situation of these professionals.  Therefore, the initiative takes place in the morning and its main objective is to guarantee the drivers’ lunch. The activities are carried out in partnership with the Transportation Social Service / National Service of Transportation Learning (Sest/Senat), Rumo Logística and Federal Highway Police (PRF).

    The services receive the approval of truck drivers, such as Bento Barcellos, who has been travelling Brazil for 20 years. He was present at the event and was pleased with the structure. “All this structure assembled for us, truck drivers, is very beautiful”, he said.

    The manager of Institutional Relations of Rota do Oeste, Roberto Madureira, reinforces that all efforts of the Concessionaire are focused on the well-being of the truck drivers, who are the main users of BR-163: “The Concessionaire’s activity is already focused on the truck driver, and this is being intensified in view of the scenario we are facing in Brazil. All our work and efforts are aimed at professional drivers,” he explains.

    In addition to the Support Point, Rota do Oeste continues to provide all services along the road stretch under concession. The employees were trained and count on the support to perform their activities in a safe and healthy manner. The Concessionaire also monitors the operation of gas stations and restaurants, informing users about the trades operating.

    The Truck Drivers Support Points offer:


    – Meal (snack or lunch);

    – Health instruction, especially with focus on the coronavirus prevention;

    – Taking of body temperature;

    – Medical referral in case of malaise or Covid-19 symptoms;

    – Toilet kit with various products (alcohol-based gel, mask, gloves, soap, toilet paper, etc. );

    – Clarification on truck cabin sanitization;

    – Hygiene service of the vehicle cabins;

    – Provision of a psychologist for guidance and clarification of doubts;

    – Contact with a physical educator, who will teach breathing exercises and activities that can be done anywhere;

    – Filling out of a form with personal information in order to improve services;


    Rota do Atlântico and Rota dos Coqueiros: Pit Stop with health guidelines and distribution of sanitizing kits and snacks

    To support the truckers who circulate in the Suape, Pernambuco area, the main industrial and port center of the Northeast of Brazil, the concessionaires Rota do Atlântico and Rota dos Coqueiros are promoting a weekly Pit Stop against Coronavirus. During the action, held on the margins of highway PE-009, in the municipality of Cabo de Santo Agostinho, the pre-hospital care teams of the concessionaires guide the participants on forms of prevention, symptoms and treatments of Covid-19, carry out temperature measurement, sanitization of vehicles and distribution of hygiene kits with alcohol gel and masks, in addition to snack kits.

    During the editions already held, approximately 600 carriers were benefitted: “We will maintain this action while the virus proliferation scenario lasts, understanding that through educational approaches we help to reduce the risks of contagion and contribute to maintain the supply of goods and inputs to society,” says the president of Rota do Atlântico, Elias Lages.


    “As road management operators, the focus of our action at this moment is to promote not only road safety, but also the health of those who cannot stay at home, adopting rigorous prophylactic measures to contain the contamination of drivers who circulate along the highway and of our members who are guaranteeing the maintenance of the essential service”, complements the President of Rota dos Coqueiros, Rafaela Elaine.


    Romário Duarte, 52, who transports butane gas to supply the Metropolitan Region of Recife, approved the action: “Our category is one of the only ones that is fully active, aware that if we stop the situation gets even more critical. This mobilization that has been made to help truckers is what motivates us to leave home even in the face of risk,” he says.

    With each edition, Pit Stop adds new partners to strengthen the actions. Supporters include SUAPE, SafetyMed, the National Ground Transportation Agency (ANTT) and the Rota Petróleo group.

    The Atlantic Route also made it possible to sell meals at popular prices to truckers at the restaurant of the Rota 42 station, located in the concessionare section. The Concessionaire bears the costs of the meal if the trucker fills his/her tanks with 150 liters of diesel at the station. “We understand that whoever is filling up is because he or she is in the habit and willing to continue acting in such an essential service. At this moment, all our efforts are to support and value this professional. Our operation is trained to offer the necessary support, including first aid activation, in case any driver presents any symptoms during his trip”, adds Elias Lages.

    SAFETY PROCEDURES – Following the recommendations of the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) and the Ministry of Health, Rota do Atlântico and Rota dos Coqueiros have adopted rigorous safety procedures, with reinforcement of the cleanliness of workplaces, campaigns and training sessions, distribution of alcohol gel for systematic application by the members and the use of masks for those who work directly with the user. In partnership with automatic toll operators, automatic tags are being distributed without the collection of an enrollment fee or monthly fee, to reduce the risk of contamination by money handling at the toll booths.


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