• A new stage of Project Integra begins

    DATE: 02/14/2023

    Published by: OTP OR OEC Novonor Horiens Enseada

    Project Integra has been developed and implemented in the Novonor Group since June 2022. In August of the same year, the delivery of the diagnosis and improvement proposals for the support organizational structures and the network of Our Integrated Services (Nossos Serviços Integrados – NSI) solutions, carried out in partnership with Accenture, was a milestone in the first stage of the project. From there, the Business Leaders and Supporting Companies evaluated the recommendations and defined the strategy for the next steps.

    The time has come to advance one more stage, which focuses on the analysis, validation, and structuring NSI. This is the Group’s new integrated services model, performed until now by other structures, which will be centralized in the OEC and will also provide services to the holding company Novonor, Participações, OR and Horiens.

    “This new phase is extremely important for the Group. The modernization of our integrated solutions network will provide more synergy, productivity and efficiency, enabling us to be more competitive and prepared for the new growth cycle. I reinforce that Integra continues with the direct participation of the Business Leaders, and has my full support,” states Héctor Núñez, CEO of Novonor S.A.

    The work will be developed in two fronts: 1) creation of the area of Our Integrated Services, which will concentrate support activities for the companies; 2) outsourcing of part of the transactional activities of NSI itself, through the implementation of BPO (Business Process Outsourcing).

    After a careful process of evaluation and competition, Stefanini, an acknowledged and consolidated multinational of Brazilian origin, was chosen as partner for this stage of the project, which brings an innovative digital proposal. The leaders of Project Integra, OEC, Participações, OR, Horiens and Novonor S.A. will act together in the next 6 months to implement the action plan.

    The organizational transformation process is conducted in total alignment with the values of Our Culture. Respect, trust and focus on people is a immutable foundation and a commitment of all involved in the search for the best possible equation for structures and people.

    “Integra is fundamental for our future. I count on everyone’s contribution so that we can move forward together with speed and consistency in these next stages, generating the economic and productivity effects as soon as possible,” concludes Héctor.

    Besides the leader-led dialogue, which is fundamental and must take place at all times, from the very beginning, the Project provides for transparent, objective and frequent communication about the progress and stages of implementation. Keep up to date with the latest news through Integra_Action newsletter. For information and contributions, please send an e-mail to

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