• Tribute to the Future raised over 6 million for education

    DATE: 02/02/2023

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    Foundation campaign engaged more than 1,700 donors and 33 companies in 2022

    The Tribute to the Future campaign, coordinated by the Norberto Odebrecht Foundation (FNO) to raise donations for the education of teenagers in rural areas, raised 6.2 million Reals in 2022. In total, there were more than 1,700 donors, especially members of the Novonor Group, who contributed about 2 million to the cause. Also 33 companies participated, with a contribution of about 4 million reais. Results that show the effectiveness of the initiative, carried out for 18 years, and that reinforce the culture of donation and solidarity in the country.

    Tribute to the Future raises funds to finance the education of young people in the Family Homes in the Southern Bahia Lowlands, FNO’s partner rural schools that offer technical courses integrated to high school to young people living in rural areas. “This year, we have increased not only the number of individual donors, but also the number of participating companies. Furthermore, we increased the amount donated among Novonor Group participants, further strengthening our campaign internally,” points out Fabio Wanderley, superintendent of the Norberto Odebrecht Foundation.

    Jovens olham para baixo sorrindo

    Hundreds of teenagers will benefit from the donations of more than 1,700 people

    “These results could not be achieved without the dedication of so many people and organizations. The feeling is that we have exceeded expectations,” he says. “Now, we will work as always for these resources to boost quality education,” adds Fabio.

    Other results

    The mobilization generated by the campaign, which in 2022 had the World Cup as its theme, was not limited to the donations made. On Facebook and Instagram, Tribute to the Future reached over 2 million people with informative posts, advertisements, and testimonials. Disseminating the campaign on these platforms was one of the actions of the initiative’s 118 volunteers, or Agents of the Future, as Adélcio Menezes, responsible for Partnerships at the Foundation, explains: “volunteering made the difference, once again, for the reach we had with the campaign. With publications on social networks and the work of disseminating the initiative among colleagues, friends, and family members, hundreds of Future Agents contributed so that more people would show solidarity and donate,” he says.

    Since its launch, broadcasted live directly from the Arena Fonte Nova soccer stadium in Salvador (BA), the campaign included unprecedented fundraising actions, such as donation fairs, with products from the Family Homes supported by Tribute to the Future, and the return visits of young beneficiaries to the headquarters of Novonor Group businesses after the pandemic.


    Are you a donor? Remember that you can get the tax benefit!

    It is an initiative that supports projects incentivized via the Municipal Fund for Childhood and Adolescence (FIA), those who donate to Tribute to the Future can declare their donation in their Income Tax (IRPF) 2023 and get a tax benefit if they use the full declaration form. Therefore, all campaign supporters have been receiving official receipts for their donations in the last few days. The voucher is also available in the user area on the initiative’s website, and it is essential for the process of declaring the IRPF. If you are a donor and have not received a receipt, please contact the Tribute to the Future team via e-mail at

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