• Rota dos Coqueiros seeks happy coexistence with wildlife

    DATE: 06/20/2018

    Published by: OTP

    Located in a region of great natural wealth near the Paiva Reserve and the beaches of Pernambuco’s southern coast, Rota dos Coqueiros, a company of Odebrecht TransPort, has launched an educational campaign to raise awareness among local residents and users about coexisting with wildlife. Since 2010, 4,426 animals have been identified.

    With an area of 526 hectares, 127 hectares of which are protected forests, and 4 kilometers of rivers, the Paiva Reserve is home to many different wildlife species. That is why, during June, when World Environment Day is commemorated, the highway concessionaire is issuing new guidelines.

    “The goal is to ensure the integrity of the animals in their natural habitat as well as the safety of the users who travel along this stretch of 6.5 kilometers,” explained Roberta Nunes, sustainability coordinator of Rota dos Coqueiros.

    Wild, equine and domestic animals have been found. These include snakes, anteaters, foxes, chameleons, horses, dogs, hawks, armadillos, iguanas, porcupines, sloths and marmosets.

    When the animals are healthy and in good condition, they are reintroduced into the reservation. If injured, the animal is sent to the Wildlife Triage Center (CETAS)/CPRH. If dead, it is buried as per the orientations of the CPRH, the state environmental agency.

    Follow the speed limits indicated along the highway to avoid accidents with the animals that live here.

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