• Rota do Oeste testa carro elétrico

    DATE: 07/25/2018

    Published by: OTP


    BYD’s T3 model does not emit pollutants and is being used to provide service on Rota do Oeste.

    For three months, Rota do Oeste, a concessionaire of Odebrecht TransPort, will test the use of electric vehicles for service on Highway BR-163 in Mato Grosso state. With a range of 250 kilometers, the model BYD T3 is being used on a 50-kilometer section of the highway.

    “It’s a technological innovation that also is good for the environment. We will evaluate the car’s performance, safety during service operations and technical and economic feasibility,” explained Wilson Ferreira, operations manager at Rota do Oeste.

    The vehicles are refueled at a charging station installed at one of the toll plazas. Ceded by BYD, the T3 takes about one and a half hours to recharge its battery.

    “In the future, the same charging stations of Rota do Oeste may be used by drivers of electric vehicles,” said Gustavo Oliveira, vice-president of the Minas Gerais State Industry Federation (FIEMG).


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