• Ocyan strengthens partnership with Instituto Acesso in Macaé

    DATE: 07/17/2019

    Published by: Ocyan

    On June 29, Ocyan launched a partnership with Instituto Acesso by organizing a jujitsu event at its Cajueiros Center in Macaé, Rio de Janeiro, which included a ceremony to award 30 belts to the young practitioners of the martial art. Ocyan’s new initiative is part of its School in Action program, which focuses on six fronts, one of which is using sports to foster social inclusion.

    “We believe that supporting initiatives that focus on sports helps to promote social inclusion and the values of teamwork, discipline and concentration. All this contributes to the transformation and development of youth in socially vulnerable situations. In this way, we help to instill ethical and behavioral values to support the students’ personal, social and cognitive development,” said Marco Aurélio Fonseca, sustainability director at Ocyan.

    Instituto Acesso organizes before-school and afterschool jujitsu activities for children and youth in underprivileged communities in the Macaé, Rio de Janeiro. “Initially we donated 60 kimonos, belts and 176 square meters of mats to the Cajueiros Center so that more children can participate in the initiative, which helps to combat teen idleness and get families involved in sports activities,” added Marco Aurélio.

    One hundred people, including students, volunteers, teachers, instructors and guests, participated in the event. In addition to the belt promotion ceremony, certificates were awarded and students were recognized for behavioral development. The event also included a jujitsu seminar for teens to inspire them to lean about social development through sports to encourage them to become instructors and replicate their knowledge.

    Ocyan’s social responsibility program Schools in Action already has benefitted over 25,000 students in Macaé

    About Instituto Acesso

    Instituto Acesso organizes activities at centers in the districts of Cajueiros (Galpão – main center) and Aroeira (at Terceira Batista Church) that benefit around one hundred youth (70 in Cajueiros and 30 in Aroeira) from 12 different districts in the Municipality of Macaé (Aroeira Center: Botafogo, Malvinas, Nova Aroeira, Morro de Santanna and Morro de São Jorge. Cajueiros Center: Visconde, Morro do Carvão, Cajueiros, Linha Favela, Centro, Lagomar, Barreto and Engenho da Praia). The initiative draws on the support of volunteer teachers and instructors.


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