• Ocyan wins the world’s most important offshore mountaineering certification

    DATE: 02/19/2024

    Published by: Ocyan

    The company has once again been recognized as a “Full Member Operator” by Irata International, considered the world’s most specialized association in rope access

    Ocyan has been awarded renewal of the Irata International certification, the world’s highest recognition in the rope access segment, as a ‘Full Member Operator’. Valid for the cycle running until 2027, the document attests to the high safety standards adopted by the company in its offshore units, using the world’s leading mountaineering technique in its maintenance, intervention and inspection services.

    “We work on the safety of our members and operations as our main value. In 2024, in order to refine the certification and increasingly attest to our technical capacity and effectiveness in the rope access management system, we will develop a series of events with workshops and instructions aimed at offshore workers who work in mountaineering,” says Marcelo Dias, Ocyan’s Occupational Safety coordinator.

    The company currently has around 700 climbers, classified at different levels of skill and experience in carrying out rope access activities, described as N1, N2 and N3. With this certification, Ocyan is included in a select group of companies classified as Irata International certified operators worldwide.


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