• Ocyan reaches 38% of women in leadership positions

    DATE: 03/04/2024

    Published by: Ocyan

    To reinforce its commitment to diversity, the company will be organizing various events throughout the year with the aim of creating a fairer and more inclusive society for women

    As one of the main references among oil and gas companies in promoting diversity and inclusion, Ocyan celebrates the growth of female protagonism in the company during women’s month. In a predominantly male sector, despite representing around 15% of the company’s workforce, female members occupy 38% of the leadership positions onshore. According to a survey by the Inter-Union Department of Statistics and Socio-Economic Studies (Dieese/section of the Single Federation of Oil Tankers – FUP), in 2022, women represented only 16.5% of all workers.

    For the first time, women reached 25% representation in the company’s top management, with two vice-presidencies of eight members on the Executive Committee, one of them being the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), a position historically with low female participation. The milestone was reached in June 2023

    In addition to its commitment to diversity and inclusion in the corporate environment, Ocyan also wants to contribute to building a more diverse and inclusive society. To this end, it will encourage events throughout the year that foster appreciation, training and equal opportunities for women.

    “Ocyan values the presence of women not only in the corporate environment and the oil and gas market, but in all spheres of society. In addition to the actions we promote internally, we will also act externally, supporting and sponsoring events that encourage diversity through content, dialog, training and visibility. The strategy of spreading the importance of gender equality in business and in day-to-day decisions is a challenging and great work of changing the culture that society as a whole expects and needs,” says Nir Lander, Ocyan’s Vice President of People and Management.

    Commitment to valuing women beyond the corporate environment

    Black Stars Rising

    An event organized by Amcham and the American Consulate, Ocyan is sponsoring Black Stars Rising this March. The event aims to provide up to 30 black Brazilian women entrepreneurs with training to overcome the systemic challenges prevailing in the Brazilian market, towards increasing social and economic inclusion for businesses owned by black Brazilian women.

    With a program aimed at fostering the production chain and social impact, the free course will offer entrepreneurs improved technical, emotional and interpersonal skills and knowledge. The training will be supported and accompanied by mentors to improve the business and make investments possible. More information can be found at

    Big Wave Training for Women 

    To highlight the importance of women, Ocyan will also be promoting Big Wave Training on Barra da Tijuca Beach (RJ). The initiative aims to offer training to 20 women who are experienced in surfing small waves and who want to challenge themselves and learn techniques for surfing big waves.

    The event will also include surf town-in training to demonstrate techniques and safety protocols for surfing with the aid of a jet-ski, as well as training in apnea techniques in a swimming pool.


    Women will also be the protagonists of the ‘Empreenda’ course, held at the Casa da Juventude in Santo Cristo, with the support of Ocyan. To promote the financial and social inclusion of women from Pequena África, a region that includes the neighborhoods of Saúde, Gamboa and Santo Cristo, the event will offer free training to 40 women on Entrepreneurship and Female Dignity.

    The initiative will cover content on pricing, artisanal soapmaking techniques (for soaps, deodorants and other personal care products), sales and promotion techniques, as well as lectures on raising awareness of women’s rights, domestic violence, financial dignity, self-care and family planning, among others.

    According to Ocyan, the expectation is that the initiative will promote access to knowledge, with the development of skills and competencies, resulting in financial and social inclusion, as well as valuing diversity and inclusion.

    Diversity and Inclusion Program

    Ocyan’s Diversity and Inclusion program was launched in 2019 and relies on the voluntary contribution of members from all areas of the company, named Diversity and Inclusion Ambassadors, who work divided into four affinity groups, according to the pillars of action worked on by Ocyan so far: People with Disabilities, Gender Equity, Race and Ethnicity and LGBTQIA+.

    Internal actions for women

    Maternity leave: In addition to the 120-day leave and daily breastfeeding break already provided for by the CLT, the member can choose to extend her maternity leave by an additional fifteen days or continue with a reduced working day of four hours a day until the baby is six months old.

    “They Ocyan”: The program, made up of around 70 female employees, the vast majority of whom are executives, aims to promote self-knowledge, leverage female empowerment and strengthen internal sorority.

    Mentoring: To prevent progress from being halted, Ocyan runs a mentoring program, in which more experienced professionals advise younger ones on how to progress in their careers, including offshore positions.

    The Sea Is Theirs Too: In 2021, Ocyan conducted a survey focused on female offshore professionals to understand the profile of this group, their desires and fears. The survey laid the foundations for the “The Sea Is Theirs Too” campaign, now led by the IBP, which aims to increase equal opportunities and promote the well-being of female professionals working on oil and gas industry platforms in the country.


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