• Norbe IX is Ocyan´s first drillship to be commanded by a Brazilian woman

    DATE: 11/05/2019

    Published by: Ocyan

    Ocyan now has a Brazilian woman in charge of one of its rigs. Carla Malafaia took over Norbe IX in October and became the first Brazilian commander of a company vessel.

    “I was hoping one day to reach that level, it was my goal, but I always worked with no rush”, celebrates Carla, “I accompanied the Norbe IX spacecraft while it was being built in South Korea, where I never left”, she adds.

    The rig Carla lead has 11 other women, which is a good level compared to the reality of the oil and gas market, even if it represents only 6% of the entire team. “Being a woman in this career will always be a challenge, especially in Brazil where there is not a long tradition of women leading boats. In my case, the support of my parents was fundamental for me to overcome the obstacles of the beginning of my professional life”, remembers the commander.

    Sea connection

    Born in Guadalupe, in Rio de Janeiro’s North Zone, Carla has always enjoyed being near the sea. “My parents are from the interior of Rio de Janeiro, but I was born in the capital and had this connection with water since I was a child. I was studying chemistry at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro when I heard about a competition for the Merchant Navy Officers Training School and decided to sign up. I studied, passed and put the college on hold”, highlights.

    Before start working at Ocyan, Carla accumulated experience in oil and chemical companies. On most vessels, she was the only woman on the team. “In the beginning, I needed to show all the time that I was qualified. Sometimes I was subjected to activities in which my superiors were clearly testing my physical strength. After that, I’m sure women can be in all the functions of a ship”, she argues.


    Being a mother is another challenge for those who work hard, such as Carla, who has a daughter of 1 year and 9 months. “Today she is my greatest force. For her, it’s worth all the effort and work, even if it’s hard to stay away for 15 days. Good thing the technology has evolved and we can see each other on video at least once a day”, she says. The commander also has a support network these days when she is on the rig and seeks to enjoy her daughter to the fullest when she is off duty.

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