• Found injured, Bita gets a temporary home

    DATE: 09/30/2022

    Published by: OTP

    The sheep was rescued by Rota do Oeste in Rondonópolis

    The sheep Bita won a temporary home in Rondonópolis. The animal was rescued badly injured by Rota do Oeste on BR-364, in Rondonópolis, and received all the necessary care to recover. The measure is part of the Concessionaire’s internal policy of preservation and respect for wild and domestic fauna.

    Now, Bita is being cared for by a partner who has ample space and dedicates much care to the animals. Bita is recovering very well, is healthy, and continues with a safe pregnancy, which was discovered during veterinary care.

    The sheep was found by the operational teams of Rota do Oeste during the monitoring of the highway in the central roadbed of BR-364, at km 224, with a severe injury in the abdomen that culminated in exposed viscerae. It was immediately picked up by the Concessionaire’s team and taken to the Xaolin Veterinary Hospital for treatment.

    The veterinarian and owner of the unit, Érico Morais, made the first attempt to save the sheep’s life and even started a campaign to find the possible owner of the animal to return it. But the owner didn’t show up. Therefore, ‘custody’ was granted for a temporary home. “It is a very docile sheep that even accepts the use of a guide to be led. She is very calm in the space destined for her,” said the veterinarian, who soon after the surgical procedure baptized the sheep named “Bita”.

    Rota do Oeste is paying for the animal’s treatment and is also available to receive information about the sheep’s owner, on 0800 065 0163.

    The Concessionaire’s premise is to care for animals found injured on the highway and provides care through partner clinics and hospitals that exist along the stretch under concession on the BR-163. After recovery and medical discharge, the species are sent to re-adaptation and reinsertion centers in nature, when possible, or are permanently sheltered (domestic animals – cats and dogs).

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