• Fire in the Pantanal: Rota do Oeste donates R$ 20,000 in medicinal products for wild animals

    DATE: 09/30/2020

    Published by: OTP

    Purchase of materials was aligned with CRMV/MT, which will arrange for the delivery to the PAEAS (Pantanal Wild Animal Emergency Outpost)


    The medical care of wild animals, victims of the fires raging in the Pantanal of Mato Grosso received a boost of R$ 20,000 in medicinal products made available by the Rota do Oeste Concessionaire, which manages 850.9 km of the BR-163/MT Highway. The material was delivered to the Regional Council of Veterinary Medicine of Mato Grosso (CRMV/MT), which will deliver the material to the Pantanal Wild Animal Emergency Outpost (PAEAS), installed along the Transpantaneira Highway, which connects Poconé and Porto Jofre.

    Although the Pantanal is not part of the stretch under concession, Rota do Oeste understands that this is a critical moment that requires the support of the companies operating in Mato Grosso and of society at large to minimize animal suffering, as well as to ensure the possibility of assistance by volunteers who dedicate themselves to helping survivors.

    The acquisition of medicinal products was agreed with the CRMV , which indicated the materials with greatest need and urgency for the provision of medical assistance. The Sustainability Manager of Rota do Oeste, Wilmar Manzi, highlights that the company’s interest is to serve in a more satisfactory manner, delivering the medicinal products that are crucial to effective animal care, always focusing on their recovery and the easing of their suffering. “The scenario in course is an emergency, so we acted quickly and transparently to obtain the medicinal products and to help mitigate the impacts of the fires in the Pantanal of Mato Grosso, which is one of the most preserved biomes in the country”, comments Manzi.

    The president of CRMV/MT, Roberto Renato Pinheiro da Silva, reinforces that the medicines, inputs and utensils received are dedicated to the treatment of rescued animals, which, once recovered, will be returned to nature. He also reinforces that, in a serious situation like the one that is occurring in the Pantanal, the union of all is fundamental. “Society, entrepreneurs, public service, everyone should fight for the same environmental cause. This is an action to save the lives of many species and, when it comes to lives, Any and all help is welcome. We thank everyone who helped. A life has no price”.

    Rota do Oeste employees also mobilized to collect food and water to care for the animals affected by the worst fire in the Pantanal in recent years.

    According to the National Institute of Space Research (Inpe)in August, the Pantanal registered an increase of 202.31% in burnt area compared to July 2020. Burning for more than 40 days, the Pantanal Mato-grossense is the most affected biome in the state and more than 20% of the area has been burned in the last two months.


    What is PAEAS?

    The Outpost was created on August 30th to provide rescue, initial care, recovery and assistance with supplies to wildlife directly or indirectly affected by the fires in the Pantanal. The unit integrates the actions of the Multi-Agency Integrated Center (Ciman).

    According to Paeas, the outpost has already provided assistance to many small and large species, such as jaguars, wolves, iguanas, tapirs, turtles, herons, ocelots, anteaters, among others. The unit operates with the support of the State Secretariats of Environment, Public Safety, Health, Federal Universities (UFMT and MFI)Fire Department, Civil Defense, Environmental Police, Navy, Regional Council of Veterinary Medicine (CRMV-MT)Brazilian Bar Association, NGO Ampara Silvestre, Veterinary Clinics, Ibama, City Hall, volunteer work and donations.

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