• Ocyan’s management system structure generates gains of USD200 million in the last five years

    DATE: 03/21/2022

    Published by: Ocyan

    Ocyan decided to use certification processes by independent companies over the past five years as a leverage strategy to achieve operational and sustainability excellence. The implemented improvements brought an increase in sales estimated at USD200 million in this period and a highlight in competitiveness.

    The path of change began in 2016 with the implementation of the ‘Quality in Focus Program’. “We had to overcome internal challenges to change the management culture and standardize the processes in all areas – from rig operation to data control. And now, after five years, we have reaped the benefits that came in the form of cost reduction, increased uptime, and improved image with customers and regulatory agencies, which ultimately facilitated the procurement of new contracts or the renewal of current contracts,” explains HeitorGioppo, Executive Vice President of the Drilling Unit at Ocyan.

    This month, Ocyan’s Drilling Unit achieved API Q2 certification. This standard is accredited by the American Petroleum Institute and establishes requirements for Quality Management Systems focused on excellence in service delivery to the oil and natural gas industry. All certifications were granted for the set of activities of the company’s Drilling Unit (Macaé Base, Storage Area, and four Drilling Rigs).

    “We decided to use the path of continuous improvement via certifications to make our turnaround from a process standpoint. This APIQ2 certification crowns our work in pursuit of operational efficiency that began in 2016. It involved everyone in the company with the aim of increasing safety and excellence and improving our competitiveness. This process allowed us to reach a very structured degree of maturity. We went from 87.6% operational uptime indicators in 2017 to 99.8% in August 2021, an all-time high for Ocyan. The operational gain was fantastic,” celebrates HeitorGioppo, vice-president of Ocyan’s Drilling Unit.

    Innovation in 2022 plans

    For Ocyan, the next year will focus on innovation, allied to sustainability integrated with ESG commitments, and with an eye on the international market. “We always strive for consistency of results, and it will be no different in the coming years. We are preparing for the new growth cycle of the oil and gas industry, but also in search of new paths”, Heitor concludes.

    About Ocyan

    Ocyan is a company with a sustainable attitude and knowledge to provide solutions to the oil and gas industry that counts on a fleet of five drilling units and two FPSOs (floating, production, storage and offloading). The company also develops SURF projects, manufactures and installs underwater equipment, and provides offshore maintenance services. More information

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