• Ocyan will revitalize Petrobras’ gas network in the Campos Basin

    DATE: 10/19/2023

    Published by: Ocyan

    Ocyan has secured a contract to carry out the revitalization of Petrobras’ gas network in the Campos Basin. The news marks the company’s expansion into offshore EPCI projects, which include engineering, procurement, construction, and installation of equipment. This contract, carried out through a consortium, marks Ocyan’s return to EPCI Subsea Construction contracts and will be the first time that Ocyan has led a project of this type, in a 50/50 partnership with the Portuguese company Mota-Engil, which has a large international presence, especially in Europe and Africa. The contract is estimated to have a duration of four and a half years.The contract is estimated to have a duration of four and a half years.

    The offshore activity will be carried out near the Namorado and Garoupa platforms (PNA-1 and PGP-1), and will include the installation of various subsea equipment, including manifolds, and the installation of flexible pipelines.

    “The contract with Petrobras decisively marks this new moment for Ocyan, reflecting our strength as a company and definitively establishing us as a reference in providing services to the oil and gas industry. The gas business will open up significant opportunities for the Brazilian market in the coming years, and Ocyan is attentive and ready for this type of work,” assesses Jorge Mitidieri, Executive Vice President of Ocyan’s Integrated Services Unit.”

    Currently, the gas production from the Campos Basin is transported through four pipelines that pass through the Namorado (PNA-1) and Garoupa (PGP-1) platforms and then proceed to shore via three export pipelines. With the deactivation of these platforms, Petrobras’ gas will need to bypass these units through the installation of two underwater manifolds and their connections to the existing underwater system.

    “The EPCI contract will bring technical strength to Ocyan’s underwater construction area, as we will develop engineering, manufacturing, and quality disciplines, giving us the capacity to pursue more complex projects in the future,” explains Rafael Guigon, Director of Underwater Construction Contracts at Ocyan.

    The first phase of the project, which includes the engineering phase, is expected to start immediately, and the offshore campaign is expected to begin in 2025. The project to revitalize the Campos Basin network involves hiring professionals, specialists and technicians from various fields.

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