• Ocyan performs environmental action in Rio de Janeiro and Macaé collecting over 270 kg of waste

    DATE: 06/29/2023

    Published by: Ocyan

    Ocyan held an action to celebrate the World Environment Day, celebrated on June 5. The initiative involved employees and their families over the last weekend, aiming to clean up Barra Beach in Rio de Janeiro and Imboassica Lagoon in Macaé (RJ). Along with the activity, the initiative also aims to raise awareness about the importance of nature preservation. On the occasion, 70 volunteers among members and family members dedicated their time and effort to collect a volume of 270 kg of waste, surpassing the previous year’s mark by 53%.

    “This Ocyan initiative reflects our ongoing commitment to society and our responsibility towards the environment. By bringing employees together, the company seeks to create a positive impact and encourage individual actions that can preserve and protect our ecosystem,” comments André Luiz Barros, Ocyan’s Social Responsibility manager.

    In Rio de Janeiro, 31 people participated in the activity, and in Macaé, 39 people participated, resulting in the collection of 96.97 kg of waste in Rio de Janeiro and 176.47 kg in Macaé. One highlight of the event was the participation of surfer Guilherme Hilel, born in Macaé and winner of the 2023 Ocyan Brazilian Big Wave Awards in the “Wave of the Year” category. Hilel’s presence helped raise awareness about environmental preservation and emphasized the importance of societal engagement in this crucial issue.

    During the action, the volunteers had the opportunity to watch a sensitizing speech addressing the importance of each citizen’s involvement in the construction of a harmonious coexistence with the environment. Following that, the collection of solid waste was carried out, surpassing this year the amount collected in the previous event. Among the items collected, a wide variety of plastics, footwear, Styrofoam, rubber, cardboard, dishes, tires, and even a fan part stood out.

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