• Ocyan opens internship vacancies with hidden recruitment and seeks student diversity

    DATE: 08/10/2023

    Published by: Ocyan

    Ocyan opened registration for its 2023 Internship Program on Tuesday (08/01). There are 17 vacancies to work in the company’s office in Rio de Janeiro. The opportunities are for students of Administration, Economics, Accounting, Engineering, Social Communication, Psychology, Human Resources Management, Law, Biology and International Relations. Applicants should preferably be expected to graduate between July and August 2025. Registrations can be made until August 18, on the Ocyan website, under Our People.

    “We are moving towards becoming increasingly inclusive by improving our quest to incorporate diverse profiles into the company. We continue to seek to attract applications from women, people with disabilities, ethnic diversity and sexual orientation, as well as students from a wide range of universities who live in the periphery or community. The hidden recruitment strategy, adopted by Ocyan since 2021, especially in company access programs, has proven to be a success,” explains Nir Lander, Ocyan’s Vice President of People and Management.

    The selection process of the Internship Program includes CV screening, hidden interview with the area leadership, online group dynamics and online tests. The English test is not eliminatory. The admission of those selected is scheduled for October this year, with a workload of 6h/day and an internship period of up to two years. Among the benefits for students are the internship grant, meal vouchers, transportation vouchers, life insurance, healthcare and dental care plans.

    “My first internship opportunity was at Ocyan, a competitive process and I was honored to be invited to be part of the company. The interface with top management is undoubtedly a big differential. We have a close monitoring, both from the leadership and the people team, definition of an action plan, training, courses, capacity building and the most important: the innovative spirit of the company as a whole. I suggest that young people join Ocyan, here learning is practical, contributing to the development of skills, knowledge of corporate culture, networking and the possibility of becoming permanent, as it was in my case “, celebrates Caio Albucezze de Moraes, who was an innovation intern and today is a digital business and technology analyst.

    For intern Ana Caroline Gome Lacerda, joining Ocyan was a dream. “I’ve always wanted to start my career in an Oil & Gas company, and when I saw the Ocyan vacancy announcement, I realized that this dream could come true. I researched about the company and this was one of the differentials when choosing to apply. Here, we are free to support and I have always had a voice within the team, with great responsibilities. The training we had during the program is also essential for the development of the intern. I am very happy to have been in this company for so long, to share the workspace with people who trust me and always encourage me to try new things and venture into activities”, celebrates the mechanical engineering intern, who has been working for one year and eight months in the Subsea Construction Supplies team.

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