• Ocyan moves forward with Compliance tool to broaden engagement on the matter

    DATE: 05/28/2020

    Published by: Ocyan

    Engagement and greater participation of the members motivated the creation of the Compliance Checklist. Through this tool, members can track the status of their participation in Compliance actions throughout the year, such as trainings, lectures, filling in forms, campaigns, and others. The tool was developed by the company’s Compliance area and, after a trial period in 2019, it was officially launched this year.

    This tool works like a game, that is, the more members participate in mandatory and voluntary actions, more medals they win. “In total, the member can win up to three virtual medals and also a virtual trophy, which means that he participated in all actions performed by the area, and also receives a formal recognition of high leadership”, explains Gilberto Couto, Head of Conformity of Ocyan. At the end of the year, the members who achieve the best results will be awarded for Compliance.

    The activities to be monitored by the Compliance Checklist in the first year of the project include mandatory actions as accepted by the Code of Conduct, filling in of Transparency Form and participation in mandatory trainings such as Conflict of Interest E-Learning, in addition to other voluntary participation actions, such as attendance at lectures with external guests, Conformity Chat sessions, Conformity Quiz, and others.

    “We are always thinking about Compliance improvements in order to make the matter easy to understand and attractive to everyone. The checklist is a breakthrough and shows that the company is increasingly intensifying its concern with motivation and engagement of members with the compliance matter,” points out the executive.

    For the member Any Mourão, the tool is a way to encourage everyone’s participation: “The checklist gave me the possibility to follow up, in an easy and motivating manner, my commitment to Compliance actions. Through lectures and trainings, whether mandatory or voluntary, we have the opportunity to learn how to deal with possible ethical conflicts, to know the company’s communication and reporting channels, in addition to contributing to a conscious and pleasant work environment”, Any concludes.

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