• Ocyan inaugurates partnership with UFRJ Technology Park with final pitch of Intralab Program

    DATE: 05/11/2023

    Published by: Ocyan

    Ocyan, a service provider company for the oil & gas market, concluded the first cycle of its Intrapreneurship program, Intralab, with the final pitch of four internal teams that developed solutions aimed at increasing safety, better management of the company’s knowledge and materials used, as well as more intensive monitoring of the climate action of suppliers. The event was held at Inovateca, at the UFRJ Technological Park.

    The program was created last year with the objective of stimulating innovation within the company itself and to support the development of the members in becoming entrepreneurs. Patrícia Grabowsky, Executive Manager of Innovation & Digital Transformation at Ocyan, explained during the event that “the focus of Intralab is to incubate innovative projects by intra-entrepreneurs, develop a culture of innovation among internal teams, and disseminate tools and work methods throughout Ocyan.”

    The main stimulus for the employees will be the implementation of the initiatives, becoming part of the company’s routine work, and increasing the visibility of the authors. The employees involved in the teams will also receive a financial incentive. After the event, all four teams had their projects approved, and one of them has already been directed for effective implementation in the company’s drilling assets. The result reinforces innovation as a driving force for processes within Ocyan that connect to safer, smarter, and more efficient operations.

    “Intralab opened the doors to the ideas of all Ocyan members, the exchange between plural teams, and the development of projects in partnership with the empowerment of the teams. So my message to you is: be inspired!

    The event also marked an important partnership recently signed between Ocyan and the UFRJ Technology Park. Ocyan is now part of the group of companies maintaining the Park. As part of the partnership, Ocyan expands its relationship with the innovation ecosystem in Rio de Janeiro, connecting with startups, hubs, and labs at the University, in addition to the use of technological spaces and prospections.

    Intralab Projects

    Intralab’s journey began last year, when employees were encouraged to post ideas to an internal system. It was initially proposed ten suggestions, and four were selected to start studies and obtain information on how to solve problems or improve procedures at Ocyan.

    The first team developed a HUB to access data related to the company’s history, lives performed by managers and top leadership, technical information about the Company’s rigs and FPSOs, among other information. In a pilot test with 60 employees, the HUB achieved 89% satisfaction.

    The second group proposed an action for monitoring greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from Ocyan’s suppliers, in line with the company’s commitment to reduce these companies’ emissions by 15% by 2035. In a sample of 30 suppliers, the team identified an opportunity to advance emissions mapping: four out of five participants showed interest in the program.

    The solution proposed by the third team represents the digitization of inspection reports on dropped objects., extending the speed of data collection and treatment. The very low installation cost and the more effective possibility of tracking and warning about possible problems were considered the project’s strongest points.

    The fourth group of employees studied how to improve the management of gas cylinders used by Ocyan in its own or third-party vessels, proposing a QR code system painted on the materials. This would allow for more effective tracking and would drastically reduce cylinder changes with another company’s cylinders at offshore stations.

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