• Ocyan wins Petrobras decommissioning contract

    DATE: 04/07/2022

    Published by: Ocyan

    Ocyan, an oil and gas company, has won a new contract with Petrobras, this time for the subsea decommissioning area, for the removal (decommissioning) of flexible and umbilical pipelines from the seabed in the Campos Basin (FPSO Cidade do Rio de Janeiro and FPSO Cidade de Rio das Ostras) and Sergipe Alagoas Basin (FPSO Piranema). The total expected duration of the contract is two and a half years.

    “This achievement represents a revival of Ocyan’s subsea construction business, and will enable us to once again become an effective and competitive player in this sector. We are at the beginning of a series of EPRD (Engineering, Preparation, Removal, and Disposal) projects, and we are sure that we have much to add to this market niche. Our versatility and adaptability will make all the difference in the performance,” says Rafael Guigon, Director of Subsea Construction Contracts at the company.

    The length of the pipelines to be removed is approximately 275 km, they weigh almost 20,000 tons and are located at a depth of between 800 and 1700 meters. Among the activities in the scope of work are: engineering, offshore pickup operation, site transfer, cleaning, conditioning, and final disposal.

    New Hiring

    The project will employ more than 50 new integrants at Ocyan, among onshore and offshore workers, and “we already have open positions for hiring,” adds the executive.

    About Ocyan

    Ocyan is a company with a sustainable attitude and knowledge to provide solutions to the upstream oil and gas industry offshore Brazil and abroad. The company’s main values are the safety of its members and the operation, a trusting partnership with clients, and commitment to ethics and transparency. The company also encourages diversity and inclusion inside and outside the company. The company’s fleet currently includes five drilling units and two FPSO (floating, production, storage and offloading) vessels. Ocyan also develops SURF projects, fabrication and installation of subsea equipment, and provides offshore maintenance services. For more information:

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