• Ocyan conducts pioneering safety training in Macaé

    DATE: 07/13/2023

    Published by: Ocyan

    Ocyan innovates by introducing the use of a bus to carry out a series of routine safety trainings, including simulations of confined spaces and cargo movements. The training is provided by a company specialized in industrial training and, for the first time, takes place at the Macaé Base, in the offshore maintenance and services business, which is part of Ocyan’s Integrated Services Unit.

    The action aims to comply with NR33, a new regulatory standard related to safety and health in confined spaces. During the training, team members access a confined space module, simulating offshore environments, to practice effective emergency procedures. The groups also complete the theoretical part in the classroom, fully complying with NR33 regulations. In addition to the Emergency and Rescue module, the bus also enables other trainings related to the same regulation, such as Confined Space Entry, Confined Space Attendant, and Confined Space Supervisor.

    “The moment is very positive and providing more comfort for the employees with the training being conducted within Ocyan’s own facilities, in partnership with a specialized company. The goal is to train approximately 400 employees within three months, a significant number that, if done through traditional methods, could take up to six months due to scheduling and availability of training slots,” explains Marcelo Dias, Ocyan’s Occupational Safety Coordinator.

    The training has a total duration of 32 hours and reinforces Ocyan’s daily commitment to the highest levels of safety and operational performance. All members of the Integrated Services Unit’s Emergency and Rescue team receive the training, as well as those who carry out cargo handling at offshore units.

    The NR33 is a regulation that addresses confined workspaces and establishes preventive measures, administrative measures, personal measures, training requirements, and emergency measures. It is the first regulatory standard to include the assessment of psychosocial risk factors in its provisions.

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