• Ocyan bets on educational game to fight Coronavirus

    DATE: 10/01/2020

    Published by: Ocyan

    The Communication area, in partnership with Ocyan’s Sustainability area, decided to innovate and create an educational game to help in the prevention of the new Coronavirus, in order to reinforce care tips and guidelines to prevent the contamination with the virus. Developed 100% in-house, in html language and free of charge, the game reinforces the company’s “10 Individual Commitments to Fight Covid-19” in a playful way.

    The project creator’s proposal was to give a new approach to a serious and extremely important topic. “I missed treating the matter more lightly, in order to raise more interest among the members. With this action, we were able to raise awareness and, at the same time, have a little fun during social isolation.”, explains member Paulo Tavares, Ocyan’s communications analyst.

    Paulo’s innovation is part of the internal campaign “GET OUT OF THE ORDINARY! Make the new normal yourself.”, which provides for a cycle of actions planned for the resumption of face-to-face activities at Ocyan. Another educational game is planned for this year, now focused on ergonomics.

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