• MSO celebrates 20 years

    DATE: 07/09/2020

    Published by: Ocyan

    Ocyan’s Offshore Maintenance and Services (MSO) area, whose operations and logistic support base is in Macaé (RJ), completes 20 years of operations this year. Currently, the business unit has about 300 members and a strategic base, seven kilometers from the port of Macaé and 15 kilometers from the city’s airport, with capacity to serve all Campos Basin and other regions.

    “Our strategy for the next three years is to strengthen our business relationships and sign new contracts, to innovate and think differently about the same business”, highlights Vinicius Castilho, Ocyan’s Director of Contracts for the Offshore Maintenance and Services area.

    The MSO area has a diverse portfolio of activities, including integrated service planning; planning and execution of shutdowns in production units; and drilling; repair solutions, maintenance, project assembly (welding, boiler making, piping and electrical/instrumentation services); industrial and high performance painting; access engineering and special services in rope access; in addition to customized structure and piping manufacturing solutions; special inspection services; preservation and commissioning services.

    MSO’s services are differentiated for offering their own engineering team with technical knowledge in all areas of the O&G business to meet, on demand, The needs in maintenance and specialized services for all industry in Brazil.

    “Our scope is very broad and our proposal has always been to provide integrated services to the entire offshore maintenance and service chain. We plan our clients’ demands and production stops and manage other services. This services portfolio guarantees our longevity in the market”, explains Castilho.

    Ocyan’s MSO area is the first in the sector to carry out the preservation of equipment and structures for the offshore market with the asset in operation. The service was implemented in 2018 inspired by petrochemical segment. Since then, it has accumulated more than 3,000 preserved equipment, and has considerably reduced maintenance operating costs and improved equipment operating performance.

    Earlier last year, Ocyan signed an agreement with Canadian company Tube-Mac to offer a new technology to oil & gas and Petrochemical market players in Brazil. This technology enables the installation and assembly of pipes using no welding connections, cold-welded connections called Pyplok®, with low installation cost, less man-hours worked, leak-free system, longer durability, easy installation, requiring no additional Non-Destructive Testing inspections, using cold technology in a safely and reliably manner. This initiative is fully in line with Ocyan’s strategy of bringing technological solutions to the country that can be applied in the sector, which are being widely used outside Brazil, through partnerships with foreign companies that do not yet operate locally.


    Our Business in Figures

    Ocyan’s Offshore Maintenance and Services business unit has extensive experience that can be translated into figures. Since 2000, more than 30 contracts have been performed, 1 million engineering hours, more than 120 production and drilling stops, more than 10,000 tons of piping and structures assembled on board the offshore installations, over 1 million square meters painted and 14 million meters of scaffolding assembled, in addition to having almost 80 million man-hours worked with the highest level of safety and Market quality. “We have a record of about 20 million man-hours worked without a lost-time accident,” says Castilho.



    At Ocyan, security is our highest value. The performance of the offshore maintenance and services business unit, as well as the whole company in sustainable development implies going beyond the duty to comply with the laws and determinations that regulate the activities. For the company, it means understanding the society’s trends and priorities and meeting the global conventions and commitments applicable in each location, as well as ensuring the proper management of the Social Environmental Risks relating to operations.

    “The safety of employees is a matter of the utmost importance for the company.  We have carried out several awareness campaigns with the members, involving all sectors where we operate, in addition to the varied training and compliance with our procedures. As a result of our commitment, we have completed the first quarter of this year without any recordable accidents with Onshore and Offshore members”, concludes the executive

    In addition, the offshore maintenance and services unit has a robust management system that allows customers to ensure Safety, Quality and Productivity. The area has ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHASAS 18001:2007 certifications, as well as associations with international entities, such as: DROPS and IRATA.

    Last year, Ocyan recorded the best safety rate in the company’s history, with a 0.58 Recordable Incident Frequency Rate, which means 0.58 incidents per 1 million of man-hours worked.

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