• LZ Energia and Ocyan advance in RD&I project to reduce diesel consumption and GHG in drilling rigs

    DATE: 09/01/2022

    Published by: Ocyan

    Ocyan in partnership with startup LZ Energia have moved forward in the research and development of an innovative product that seeks to reduce fuel consumption in drilling rigs through the injection of hydrogen in large diesel engines. This technology is in line with Ocyan’s ESG initiatives, which aims to be carbon neutral for scopes 1 and 2 by 2035.

    “Starting from a pilot concept that LZ uses in engines for the highway segment (trucks), our expectation is to adapt it for our rigs’ large engines. The differential of the proposal is, by using hydrogen together with diesel, to optimize combustion and, consequently, save fuel and emit less pollutants,” explains Leandro Brandão, Ocyan’s New Business Manager.

    The partnership between Ocyan and LZ Energia began through the Ocyan Waves Challenge, a program of open innovation and relationship with startups of the company

    The project is supported by Shell Brazil, through the RD&I investment clause of the National Petroleum Agency (ANP).

    “After conducting a pilot test in one of our rigs earlier this year to validate the concept, we are still in an initial phase of the project, which includes delivering a working prototype of the product. Once all challenges of this phase have been overcome, in the future we want to move on to a second stage, which efforts will revolve around tests in a relevant environment and the commercialization of the product,” says Brandão.

    Igor Zanella, partner at LZ Energia, highlights the project’s greatest innovation for the oil and gas industry: “One of the most important features to be developed in the product is an intelligent control of hydrogen production adjustment according to demand with the use of Industry 4.0 technology. It does the whole process without altering the original operation of the engine.”

    Zanella also reminds us that the product can be used in any industry that uses diesel engines, with a capacity above 1500 HP.

    “Each Ocyan drilling rig has six diesel engines generating electrical power that keeps the entire structure running. Hydrogen injection improves combustion, reducing fuel consumption and gas emissions, but several aspects need to be tested to ensure safety and reliability of the operation, explains Zanella.

    Phase 1 of the project will involve hiring at least 10 dedicated professionals, including electrical engineers, electronics, mechanics, and hydrogen specialists.

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