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    DATE: 01/11/2024

    Published by: Horiens

    Life and career stories of Horiens members who are celebrating 10 years of working with us!

    Caroline Duarte Guimarães, Kyllbert Wougran, Marcus Maulli, Marcus Vinicius Pereira Lima and Tamires da Silva de Souza have many life and career stories to tell, lived intensely over the last 10 years.

    They all joined the Novonor Group, of which Horiens is a part, in 2013 and since then they have immersed themselves in their professional and personal challenges, with many emotions in their paths.

    This year they are celebrating 10 years in the business and received our tribute in a ceremony at the Horiens Annual Meeting, which brings the whole team together to close another period of hard work, overcoming obstacles and achievements.

    Check out the lives and careers of our 2023 honorees:

    Caroline Duarte Guimarães

    “When I joined the Group in 2013, I left Salvador for Porto Velho to take a big step in my life: to work on the Santo Antônio Hydroelectric Power Station. It was quite a challenge. As a recent graduate, I was able to lead around a thousand people and, what’s more, I was the first woman to work in the Production area of a hydroelectric plant within the construction company!

    Then I came to São Paulo to take up a position at Horiens and, as soon as I arrived, I was assigned to accompany an accident in the interior of São Paulo. Despite the initial chill in my stomach, I got the job done and, from then on, the challenges continued, one after the other.

    This dynamism that exists here is something I identify with a lot, because it pushes us to evolve. If all the professional and city changes weren’t enough, in those 10 years I dated long-distance, got married, got pregnant during the pandemic and became a mother to Alice, who was born in December 2020. A decade of many emotions!”

    Carol visiting a client

    Carol with her family


    Kyllbert Wougran

    “I arrived at Horiens with the challenge of strengthening the risk management team in the Energy, Oil & Gas segment. The first mission in this challenge, in my first 30 days at the company, was to conduct an internal risk management workshop, interacting with a team of experts, a very experienced and engaged team. I often say that as time goes by and you gain more “flight hours”, the demands become more challenging, requiring constant learning and dedication to solving problems and winning opportunities, which contributes significantly to our development.

    Looking back, especially over the last decade, I can see that my personal and professional life have always gone hand in hand, and I don’t see how it could be any different. As part of this journey, I moved cities, my wife took on the challenge of moving with me while reconciling her profession, I became Luisa’s father, I took part in the conquest of important projects, I got emotional, I made good friends and I try to live each day with maximum dedication, dedicating quality time.”

    Two of Kyllbert’s passions: Luisa



    and her drums







    Kyllbert on a customer visit



    Marcus Maulli

    “When I arrived at Horiens, I knew nothing about insurance and guarantees. Here I had the opportunity not only to get to know this subject in depth, but also to develop my career. The start was behind the scenes, in a support area for Guarantees. I’m very grateful to the people who believed in me and I feel fulfilled with what I do!

    In addition to all the learning and professional growth, this is a great place to make friends: the ones I’ve made I’ll take with me for life. During my time at Horiens, a lot has also happened apart from work, including my marriage and the passion I’ve developed for street racing, which has brought me well-being and a lot of personal fulfillment. Undoubtedly, it has been 10 years of many discoveries!”

    Marcus in his favorite program: street running with his family

    Marcus with the Horiens Guarantees team. Partnership and friendship



    Marcus Vinicius Pereira Lima

    “I started my career in oil and gas insurance in Macaé. I was assigned to the client, which was quite an experience. It was a great opportunity to live their routine, get to know their operations and understand their challenges up close, situations that added a lot to the way I work.

    In 2019, I took on a new responsibility at Horiens and I’m sure that all my previous experiences were fundamental in enabling me to be mature enough to take new steps.

    In fact, 2019 was a very special year, because in addition to the new PA, I fulfilled my old dream of returning to São Paulo, started a postgraduate course and proposed to my wife. We got married in 2021! A very remarkable decade in my life, without a doubt!”


    Marcus Vinicius visiting a client on an offshore platform

    At his wedding, Marcus Vinicius with his wife



    Tamires da Silva de Souza 

    “Thinking about these 10 years makes a movie play in my head. Each phase has its own essence, but we can’t fail to mention 2017. That year, I received an offer to work for Olá Pessoas and to provide support for Infrastructure and Concessions mass insurance. Until then my focus had been on Ocyan’s insurance program. It was also the year I got married and moved to São Paulo. It was a great transformation, a new beginning.

    Today, I feel confident and focused on continuing to develop in Infra Brasil insurance. Personally, I feel fulfilled with my family, which grew in 2021 with the birth of my son Benjamin, and my work, which challenges me to be a better and more confident person every day. I’m very proud of these 10 years!”

    Tamires with her son, visiting the Horiens office

    With her family, Tamires on a sightseeing tour of São Paulo


    Check out the video made especially for our 2023 honorees!  Click here 

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