• To reinforce health and safety protections, OR implements new processes and launches awareness campaigns

    DATE: 04/02/2020

    Published by: OR

    The current Coronavirus (Covid-19) transmission and contagion scenario has caused many companies to act quickly to ensure the health and safety of their members and to maintain, as far as possible, their operations in activity. At OR it has been no different. Learn more about the actions implemented within the scope of our business:


    – Implementation of a crisis committee to define strategies and future plans;
    – Creation of a multidisciplinary committee to raise awareness among leaders and implement flexible work schemes.
    – Activation of a WhatsApp group (managers and directors) for quick communication, exchange of best practices and agile response to questions.
    – Automation and decentralization of the employee time clock system so that each leader may better manage the team.

    Work dynamics:
    – Suspension of internal and external travel and face-to-face meetings, including clients, suppliers and other partners;
    – Implementation of flexible work for members in offices who are responsible for activities that can be performed at home (construction site);
    – Immediate removal of 100% of the members of the risk group.

    Hygiene and Health:
    – Temperature measurement at the entrance of every worksite.
    – Distribution of alcohol gel at workstations and in common areas.
    – Installation of additional hand wash stations at the worksites for sanitizing.
    – Adoption of norms and protocols for construction workers, such as: different work start and end times and different lunch hours to decrease the flow of people all at the same time; constant monitoring of people with symptoms, among others.
    – Mapping of members: with symptoms; who have had contact with someone who has been diagnosed with the disease or who have made international trips.

    – Guidelines and information via e-mail (7 so far) and via posters and murals (worksites) with guidelines and recommendations on the subject in a constant and evolving manner.
    – Daily safety dialogue on the subject (worksites).
    – Consolidation of actions and guidelines for leaders;

    Clients and Prospects:
    – Restriction on Technical Assistance services, focusing only on cases of extreme urgency.
    – Closure of OR sales booths and reinforcement in our social networks of service channels during this period of social isolation.
    – The client relationship team continues to work remotely, but communicating a possible increase in SLA.

    Information Technology:
    – IT staff on duty via WhatsApp to support flexible work scheme
    – Creation of manuals and adaptation of work tools for the use of VPN, Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams.
    – Implementation of electronic signature via Docusign.
    – System barrier when the member goes on vacation.
    – Contingency actions to maintain payment processes.

    In our communications, the focus is always on the health and well-being of members and productivity during flexible work. See what has already been communicated:
    – Tips and guidelines for the prevention of contagion
    – Guidance and good practices during flexible work
    – Manuals for use of IT tools/Flexible work communications
    – Most frequent IT troubleshooting during flexible work
    – Tips for distraction during moments of rest and leisure
    – Campaign for members to share recipes and photos of their workstations at home.

    In addition to all the measures and actions adopted and reinforcing our commitment to the people and communities in which we operate, OR has made the Olympic Park space in Rio de Janeiro available to the Rio de Janeiro Municipal Government for the installation of a campaign hospital.


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