• Tenenge holds “Workshop for Suppliers” at the Camaçari base, in Bahia

    DATE: 05/25/2023

    Published by: News

    On May 18, 2023 the Suppliers Workshop was held, a face-to-face event which had as its theme “New Technologies for the Supply Chain”. The activity aimed to provide the involvement of the members with the exchange of knowledge, the improvement of techniques in the execution and planning of the service.
    The workshop took place at Tenenge’s Pipe Shop, located at the base of Camaçari, BA. Throughout the day, the participants had the opportunity to participate in exhibitions, lectures and theoretical and practical training.
    Among those present were Igor Braga Ferreira and Nicolas Nunes Perez Soares from the OEC Supply team; Tenenge’s contracts director, Antenor de Castro; Tenenge’s operational manager, Marcio de Castro Ribeiro maintenance and reliability manager at Braskem, Davi Ohlweiler; director of the company Monsertec, Erico Hardt; PE-3 shutdown coordinator at Braskem, Jose Ricardo Brito Pinyo and TEGAL maintenance coordinator at Braskem, Gabriel Fonseca Albuquerque. Also present at the event were members, clients, partners and manufacturers.
    The participation of these leaders and companies provided a favorable environment for exchanging experiences and knowledge, strengthening the bonds between the organizations and fostering strategic partnerships.
    The event promoted an interactive learning environment for the participants. Through the exhibition of new technologies existing in the market, people from different areas of technical knowledge could meet, stimulating networking and mutual collaboration. The emphasis was on cost reduction with security, process optimization, and quality increase, fundamental aspects to improve the supply chain.


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