• Health insurance: use it consciously

    DATE: 03/24/2022

    Published by: Horiens

    Much is said about the conscious use of health insurance. But what is it exactly about? Learn more here!

    The health insurance is a benefit directly linked to people’s quality of life. It provides access to a network of qualified professionals and services in order to offer the best possible assistance to its beneficiaries.

    But its overuse plan or simply not using it can cause problems, which can often be avoided with information.

    For Laudelino Soares, responsible for People Insurance at Horiens, the ideal is to seek balance. “Prioritizing wellness means having a focus on promoting your own health, using resources consciously,” he explains. “In practice, this means having a routine medical follow-up for prevention, following medical treatments, using the referenced network, knowing how to identify possible frauds, and other good practices,” highlights Laudelino.

    See some of the good practices:

    . Periodical medical follow up. Look for a doctor to follow you throughout your life, he will refer you to specialists when necessary. Give preference to doctors, clinics, and laboratories in the referenced network.

    . During the appointment take the opportunity to ask questions, take the required tests, and return for a new appointment. Also, be faithful to the treatment indicated by your doctor.

    . Emergency room only for urgencies and emergencies. Whenever possible, prefer scheduled appointments. At each use of emergency services, the plan  costs increase.

    . Keep test results for future reference. They can be useful for different medical specialties.

    . Check the insurance forms before signing during appointments, exams, and procedures. Check whether the documents and protocols refer to the services used.

    . Always have your insurance card at or the plan’s application ready. If you don’t have a physical card, use the digital version. To do this, download the application to your cell phone.

    . Watch out for possible fraud. Be wary of situations such as the excessive request for tests, allowing reimbursement in your name, or requesting duplicate receipts. If you have questions or suspect anything, please contact your health insurance plan or the ‘Olá Pessoas‘ team.

    . Instruct your dependants. These tips are essential for everyone using the health insurance.

    Did you know that individual use of health insurance has a collective impact?
    The adjustment of the plan’s value is negotiated annually and one of the factors that influence it is the high utilization rate of the insurance, that is, the number of appointments, exams, and excessive procedures performed by all beneficiaries in the period. The conscious use of your health insurance, as well as joint actions between Horiens, insurance companies and your company, are factors that cooperate to the success of negotiations, bringing more savings to you.


    Any doubts?
    Olá Pessoas – Horiens’ service team, your company’s partner in health management – can help!
    11 3096 8080 ou 0800 740 1234

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