• Partnership between Braskem and Earth Animal expands use of green plastic-based packaging

    DATE: 05/22/2019

    Published by: Braskem

    Underlining the strategy of focusing on sustainable products, Braskem, the world’s largest biopolymer producer, took another step in expanding the use of packaging made from renewable raw materials in the plastics industry. The company has partnered with Earth Animal, a U.S. manufacturer of veterinary products, which has just launched the Dr. Bob Goldstein’s WisdomTM dog food line for distribution in the United States using packaging made with Braskem’s I’m greenTM Plastic. The partnership increases the number of brands using green polyethylene – there are already more than 150 worldwide.

    Made from sugarcane, Braskem’s I’m greenTM plastic was the world’s first bio-based polyethylene. It captures and fixes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during its production process, thus helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. With the same properties, performance and versatility of fossil-based polyethylene, the renewable resin is 100% recyclable and can be used in conventional plastic production and recycling chains.

    Braskem started producing Green Plastic on an industrial and commercial scale in 2010. In Brazil, major companies already use the product in their packaging: Rio de Janeiro’s Café Favorito brand; the toymaker Lego Group; and Guarany, an agribusiness equipment manufacturer.

    “We believe that plastic plays a very important role in sustainable development because it can prevent waste and increase efficiency in diverse sectors of the economy. That’s why, Braskem continues its efforts to expand not only its I’m greenTM portfolio, but also the list of global initiatives aimed at raising awareness across the plastic chain in favor of the Circular Economy – a commitment we undertook in 2018 – and encouraging society to pay attention to conscious consumption”, said Gustavo Sergi, director of Renewable Chemicals at Braskem.

    Packaging for Earth Animal’s new feed line, using Green Polyethylene as its raw material, is being produced through a partnership with Peel Plastics. “Earth Animal has always been passionate about how, why and what we do. Sustainability is an important part of our DNA. For over 40 years our promise has been to preserve and improve the quality of life of animals and people, and given our commitment as well as Braskem’s, this partnership happened naturally,” said Stephanie Volo, vice president of Marketing and Sustainability at Earth Animal.

    Peel Plastic Products Business Development manager Weijia Zhang said that “with the emphasis being on providing the best possible nutrition for pets and their parents, Earth Animal’s packaging requirements aligned perfectly with the properties of the I’m greenTM plastic. We are excited about combining high-performance materials with our manufacturing expertise to produce dedicated packaging to meet consumer and market demands,” added Zhang.

    According to Joe Jankowski, sales manager at Braskem’s Renewables team in North America, the partnership is related to the growing desire among consumers for more sustainable and recyclable materials. “Since transparency, quality and sustainability are at the heart of the business of Earth Animal, it is very constructive to help take this same approach to consumers and rely on Peel Plastics’ expertise,” concluded Jankowski.

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