• Our view on people insurance

    DATE: 05/11/2023

    Published by: Horiens

    In late 2022, Horiens released the first episode of a video series that is being broadcasted to showcase its way of thinking and acting in the face of risk management and insurance challenges for clients in a wide range of sectors.

    O second episode of the series, which is being released this week, presents the company’s look at the so-called people insurance, which includes health and life insurance, for example, among others aimed at protecting people. In total, it is 45 years of experience in managing corporate policies of people’s insurance for large industries in Brazil and abroad.

    Laudelino Soares, the director responsible for Personal Insurance at Horiens, explains that “during this journey, we have consolidated our way of working in this area, combining a personalized approach to each client’s needs, based on their region or culture, with excellence in service delivery and assistance to policyholders in a synergistic work with the client and the insurer.”

    Data Intelligence: from trend to practice
    In recent years, Horiens has incorporated data intelligence into its risk management and insurance strategy, putting its risk lab, Risk Labs, to work on customer challenges.

    Laudelino explains that this approach has resulted in tangible benefits for clients, insurers, and policyholders. “By understanding behaviors and probabilities, they can provide better guidance to clients on caring for their employees and beneficiaries, while also ensuring a better cost-benefit ratio for all parties involved”.

    Watch the second episode of Horiens’ series
    To learn more about the work that Horiens develops in people insurance management, check out the following video:

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