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    DATE: 09/26/2019

    Published by: OR

    OR is getting ready for another edition of the OR Meeting, which will take place on October 5th. More than 700 units – including commercial, residential and hotel units – will have special purchase conditions, which may include exemption from property deed and Real Estate Transfer Taxes (ITBI), condominium fee exemption until 2020, depending on the unit chosen. The offers comprise developments located in São Paulo, Campinas, Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, Salvador, Sauípe (BA) and Reserva do Paiva (PE), totaling R$ 300 million in General Sales Value.

    The campaign, which has as a motto “Ready to live, ready to invest, ready to move in and 100% to be yours”, starts today (September 23rd), with the conventions of brokers and online disclosure.

    “This is an opportunity, and OR expects that with lower interest rates and market recovering, the current edition of the OR Meeting will have the same success as the previous ones”, says Marco Siqueira, OR’s president: “This time, all participating developments are 100% ready to be occupied by their future buyers”, he adds.

    The opportunities are divided into one project in the city of São Paulo; one in Campinas (SP); one in Brasília (DF); three in the city of Rio de Janeiro. In the Northeast region of Brazil, units of two projects located in Reserva do Paiva (PE) will be offered, three in Salvador and one in Sauípe (BA). For more information on the developments participating in OR Meeting visit

    These are the developments participating in the OR Meeting:

    Homenagem Jaçanã: This development is divided into two condominiums. Residencial Horto and Residencial Cantareira. In OR’s promotional campaign, apartments with 47, 48 and 58m² are available, with 2 and 3 bedrooms. Location: Rua Antonio Borges, 33 – Jaçanã, São Paulo (SP)

    Royal Campinas – Hotel Contemporâneo: with 310 hotel units, its operation and administration is under the responsibility of the Royal Palm Hotels & Resorts Group. These apartments are ideal for comfortably accommodating up to two people, combining design and style with lean services. Fully integrated to the complex, the Hotel Contemporâneo brings an innovative concept to the hotel market in Campinas, the “Chic & Basic”.
    Location: Royal Palm Plaza, 180, Campinas (SP)

    D´Azur A luxury residential at Praia do Jaguaribe, Salvador, made for those who seek the perfect harmony between happiness and the pleasure of living well. Two towers, totaling 54 units, and several leisure options. At OR Meeting, there are special conditions for apartments with 242m², 4 suites and 4 parking spaces in the garage.
    Location: Avenida Octávio Mangabeira, 10,319, Salvador (BA)

    Hangar Business Park: This development has brought to Salvador the corporate campus concept, favoring the interaction between companies and customers. Hangar brings together business towers that serve various companies segments such as offices, law firms or architecture offices, among other activities, in addition to a green mall with a varied mix of stores and services. During the OR Meeting, stores from 33 m² will be offered.
    Location: Avenida Luís Viana, 13,223, Salvador (BA)

    Parque Tropical: Located in an area of 32 thousand m², being 11 thousand m² of green area, with a beautiful view to the sea and to Parque de Pituaçu. The development has thematic amusement equipment, such as Casarão Tropical, Vila Saúde and Castelinho. In OR’s promotional campaign, units from 113 to 155 m² are offered, with 3 or 4 suites.
    Location: Rua Albertino Cabral Henrique, Salvador (BA)

    Reserva Sauípe: Located in Destino Sauípe, the development is a condominium of 48.62 hectares over the lagoon and the sea, with a project designed to offer privacy, comfort and well-being, in addition to outdoor living spaces, security and leisure for all ages. At OR Meeting, there are special conditions for lots from 450 to 963 m².
    Location: Rod. BA 099, KM 74, Sauípe, Mata de São João (BA)

    Jardim do Mar: This residential development explores its privileged location to the fullest, creating a harmonious ensemble over an invigorating view of Parque do Paiva and a cosy beach of natural pools. At the OR meeting, there are special offers for units from 212m² , with 4 suites.
    Location: Rua 57 Y/N – Quadra G2 Lote 1A1, Reserva do Paiva, Cabo de Santo Agostinho (PE)

    Varanda do Parque: Varanda do Parque is a residential condominium designed to be integrated with Parque do Paiva, which is connected harmoniously to the beach of natural pools. At the OR Meeting, there are special conditions for units of 181 m², with 4 suites.
    Location: Quadra B1, Lot 1, Reserva do Paiva, Cabo de Santo Agostinho (PE)

    LED Águas Claras: Multipurpose complex with commercial towers, with 430 units and 81 stores, and Open Mall. At OR Meeting, rooms and stores from 26 m² will be available.
    Location: QS 01, Lot 34/36, Shop 25 – Águas Claras (DF)

    Vent: With 4 towers with 218 units, this residential development has creative solutions, modern landscaping and occupies an area of more than 13,800 m². In OR’s promotional campaign, apartments are offered from 64 m², with 2 and 3 rooms (suite and duo suite), from 64 m².
    Location: Estrada do Camorim, 173, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

    Wind: Located between the beach and the mountain, this residential has 20 leisure items and green area of 3,200 m². At the OR Meeting, special conditions are offered for apartments with 2 and 3 bedrooms (suite and duo suite).
    Location: Estrada dos Bandeirantes, 7700, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

    Essence: Located next to a lagoon, this residential has six towers in an area of 16 thousand m². At the OR meeting, units from 75 to 155 m² will be available, with 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms (up to 3 suites).
    Location: Rua Franco Zampari, 111, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)


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