• OR delivers the LED Corporate enterprise, in São Paulo. See how it turned out!

    DATE: 09/23/2021

    Published by: News OR

    Last month OR concluded the construction and delivered LED Corporate, a Triple A corporate development, located in Barra Funda, a growth vector in the city of São Paulo. Its conclusion, in a total construction period of 21 months, observed the agreed deadline and has OR’s construction quality standard, which is already recognized by the market.

    The project comprises 14 corporate slabs, the last floor is a duplex, with a leasable area of 2,230 m², or half a floor with 1,115 m² per slab, 6 garage floors, and a auditorium for more than 180 people. The complex also has 12 stores on the ground floor that total 962.12m², to serve the building’s occupants and the surroundings, providing comfort and convenience to users.

    LED Corporate has as main acquirer and investor, Basilica Partners, a private equity fund focused on real estate and independent with operations in Latin America, which expects the total lease to be completed by the middle of next year. The main factors that led the fund to invest in the project, were its privileged location, in addition to characteristics adhering to the best business practices within the ESG concept (Environmental, Social and Governance).

    ESG Performance
    The project is LEED Core and Shell pre-certified, in the Gold Category, by the Green Building Council Brazil, which attests that every detail of the development, from conception to delivery to final client, was developed in compliance with the environmental premises required for the sustainable development of the region where the project is located. The main benefits are:

    – Rational use of water, energy, and atmospheric emissions;
    – Efficient façade with reduced energy consumption;
    – Workers and users awareness on the environment;
    – Efficient waste management;
    – Reduction of operational costs;
    – Bicycle rack with male and female changing rooms, encouraging the use of alternative transport means;
    – Encouragement of public policies to promote sustainable construction;
    – Use of materials and technologies of low environmental impact;
    – Infrastructure for low energy consumption  (VRF) air-conditioning installation; and
    – Rainwater reuse for irrigation system.

    Privileged Location
    Located at Avenida Marques de São Vicente, one of the main circulation routes in the Barra Funda region. The distrct has a great public transportation infrastructure installed and the location of the project is privileged, close to the Barra Funda intermodal terminal, one of the largest in Latin America.

    Large residential, commercial, and corporate developments are discovering the advantages of a neighborhood with central location with many benefits from the urban transformation and consolidation of Barra Funda – now inserted in this region in the Água Branca Urban Operation, which has been undergoing a revitalization process similar to the urban operations that took place in Faria Lima and Água Espraiada/Berrini region.

    The project is in the pre-letting period. To learn more about the development and schedule a visit, send an e-mail to

    See photos and video of the completed development:


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