• Odebrecht Promotes Exchange of Knowledge with Students

    DATE: 11/22/2017

    Published by: OR OEC

    Most people find themselves at a crossroads when entering adult life ? what are the possibilities and paths to follow along a professional career? Over the past few weeks, helping young people answer this question has also been a way of bringing them closer to the Odebrecht Group.

    Through the Journey into the Future Program, OR and Odebrecht Engineering and Construction promoted meetings with university students at two construction projects in São Paulo: the RSVP residential development and the Line 5 – Lilac of the São Paulo Subway. The students took part on guided tours and interactive activities, followed by presentations and chats with leaders from the two Businesses.

    “It’s quite an impact to see a construction project of this size,” said André Luis Mantelatto Lisboa da Silva – Civil Engineering student at Mauá Technology Institute – about his visit to the subway. “The size of the beams, of all the structures, and the whole planning process is very different from what I have seen. It is important to plan how the excavation will work, how the lines will integrate with one another, everything is quite impressive. I enjoyed the experience vey much”, said Silva.

    Besides becoming immersed in the project’s daily routine, the contact and exchange of knowledge gave the youth a positive opinion of the company. A satisfaction survey conducted by OR on the day of the meeting revealed that 73% of respondents would definitely recommend the experience to other colleagues and friends.

    “We were impressed in a positive way because we met young people with high potential, very interested in our Business and also interested in getting to know us and becoming part of the Odebrecht Group,” said Bruno Scacchetti, Senior Officer at the Company’s Southeast Regional Office.


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    About the Initiative

    Promoted by Cia de Talentos, Journey into the Future and has taken place since 1990. The institution – the biggest consulting firm in Latin America and present in 15 countries – works on the recruitment, selection, career guidance and development of interns, trainees, and young professionals. Odebrecht has participated in this initiative since 2015. It currently brings together 14 companies and helps prepare 6,000 students from six teaching institutions.

    The idea behind Journey to the Future is to bring together companies, executives, universities, professors, and students from different undergraduate courses like Engineering, Economics, Administration, and Advertising. One of its goals is to supply schools and professors with information about what the job market is looking for in professionals at the beginning of their careers. Another is to help students choose their careers and become aware of the skills that big companies require.

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