• Odebrecht Foundation Participates in the 1st GIFE Social Innovation Exhibition

    DATE: 09/23/2019

    Published by: Norberto Odebrecht Foundation

    An Interactive panel related the Foundation’s Social Program to the Sustainable Development Goals

    An Interactive panel showed the PDCIS Impact Assessment

    How can private social investment contribute to the challenges of the Brazilian public agenda? To answer this question and to share innovative solutions that enhance the capacity for collective action, the Group of Institutes, Foundations and Enterprises (GIFE) held from September 10 to 17 the following events 1st GIFE Social Innovation Exhibition in São Paulo (SP).

    Dynamic and intuitive, the Exhibition gathered almost 300 solutions developed in Brazil and in the world, such as the Social Program of the Odebrecht Foundation, the PDCIS. The purpose of this project is to socially, economically and environmentally transform the living conditions of people in regions of vulnerability and low Human Development Indexes. Present in one of the exhibition’s main rooms, consisting of an interactive panel that listed the initiatives of the members of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Odebrecht Foundation was able to show its contribution to global challenges, with support to sustainable agriculture and fighting hunger.

    Camila Aloi (GIFE) and Camila Giuliani (Odebrecht Foundation) during the GIFE Exhibition

    Camila Aloi, GIFE’s Institutional Relations Coordinator, commented on the importance of society’s engagement with the SDGs: “A dialogue that GIFE wanted to create was to bring the projects that are in dialogue with each of the Sustainable Development Goals, because this is a global promotion and an urgent agenda that needs many agents to happen: companies, civil society organizations and the public authorities,” she said.
    Two other spaces were part of the exhibition: panels and videos that brought projects and experiences of GIFE members and, finally, collaborative totems where visitors could leave their opinion on the contributions presented at the Exhibition. It was also possible to participate in lectures and workshops, which encouraged the co-creation and sharing of new ideas for collective action.

    Camila Giuliani, a member of the Odebrecht Foundation’s Communication area that accompanied the event, pointed out that the Exhibition allowed us to establish important connections to face global challenges: “It was an opportunity to dive into the contributions that our peers are making to the society’s current challenges. As well as the experience of our Social Program, those present were able to see the union of concrete actions, carried out from north to south, that drive the transformation”, she highlighted.

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