• Ocyan and Norberto Odebrecht Foundation volunteer program is concluded

    DATE: 02/02/2023

    Published by: Norberto Odebrecht Foundation Ocyan

    Na Onda do Bem promoted mentoring among young people from rural areas and members of the company


    The volunteer program Na Onda do Bem, of Ocyan in partnership with the Norberto Odebrecht Foundation, has been officially concluded. The initiative has promoted, over the last few months, about 120 mentoring meetings between young people from the Family Homes in the Southern Bahia Lowlands and members of the oil and gas company to encourage the development of students’ life and career plans. Since the program’s launch, in August, more than 800 volunteer hours have been dedicated. The conclusion of Na Onda do Bem brought together more than 50 people and took place in the cities of Igrapiúna and Nilo Peçanha (BA), where two of the three rural schools that are partners of the Foundation in the execution of the PDCIS, its Social Program, are located.

    Um grupo de pessoas com camisas Na Onda do Bem em uma sala de aula

    After nearly 800 hours of volunteer mentoring, the program Na Onda do Bem is concluded

    The mentorships helped the young recipients define their professional goals. And in many cases, they have yielded tangible results: mentor Gustavo Galan, for example, has involved his colleagues in the program – together they are working on an automated application to help Maíra de Sena, the young mentor, monitor her results on the family farm. As for Consuelo Cortes, who visited the young Raíres Teles’ property in person, she was able to develop a series of calculations that will help her reinvest in her rural business and increase the value of her work.

    Socio-emotional aspects were also addressed during the volunteering. “This program was about meeting people. We came to see, concretely, what life is like for these young people,” said Carlos Alberto de Almeida, an Ocyan member who has been mentoring student Diego Santos over the past few months. “In the mentorships, I tried to plant a seed, to talk about planning, dedication, and effort to achieve what you want,” says Carlos.

    Talks about how to conquer your dreams also benefited Tairone da Silva, student at the Igrapiúna Rural Family House (CFR-I). “I had a great learning experience. Not only for my personal life, but also professionally. My mentor gave me a support to open my mind even more, and I thank him a lot,” he said, who received mentoring from Edney Coutinho. And for Caroline Mozer, who mentored the young Alan Silva, the benefits are not only for the mentorees. “We grow as people. It was a true learning cycle, which generated positive changes in each one of us who participated in this journey,” he says.



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