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    DATE: 09/30/2021

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    Learn how each company of Novonor Group work

    The trust in the human being’s potential is a value of Our Culture and, in practice, each member builds and carries out their Action Program wherever they are.

    Within the new work model driven by the pandemic and with the commitment of encouraging innovation, always with an eye on people to promote health and well-being, our companies have adapted and adopted new routines.

    See below how they work:

    In the holding company, the members have the option to join flexible work, characterized for being mostly face-to-face. This way, three days a week they work face-to-face and the other two are flexible, with definition in the alignment between leader and subordinate. The office was prepared with great care and attention to the health protocols against covid-19 for activities safety.

    OEC has adopted flexible work, which offers to part of the members of the corporate offices the possibility of carrying out part of their activities outside the company’s premises. The premise to be adopted in this model is to work in the office for three days of the week, and out of the office, the other two days. The scale to be adopted, in other words, the distribution of days worked in and out of the office should be aligned between leader and subordinate.

    Braskem defined four work models according to the nature of the activities, legal requirements, and availability of tools to carry out the programs.

    -Face-to-face: PA’s whose activities are 100% face-to-face, that is, that can only be performed inside Braskem’s facilities.

    -Hybrid: activities that can be carried out predominantly as remote work, according to the remote work rules.

    -Flex office (mostly face-to-face): Activities where on-site presence is critical to successful operations, but, in part, can be performed remotely. For example, 2 days of remote work per week.

    -External (specific cases): current model for some positions only (already mapped) where the member performs his/her activities in externally, outside Braskem’s facilities.


    The work scheme adopted by Ocyan became flex office, with a monthly criteria. Members need to come to the office 50% of the period + 1 business day a month, and the rest of the days they work remotely.
    The offices are prepared with reinforced cleaning and temperature measuring devices at the entrance, and all members must present their vaccination cards to return to face-to-face activities. To learn more details, access:
    Ocyan’s Work Return Handbook (

    In all of its offices, OR has adopted the flexible work format, a modality in which the member has the possibility, in a well thought and planned manner and aligned with his or her leadership, to perform his or her activities outside the office, up to two days a week.
    Based on the progress of the immunization campaigns against Covid-19 throughout Brazil and the value of face-to-face work format for the integration, interaction, and acculturation of the members, a return plan was developed and scheduled to November 1st, in which all members, who have already been immunized for 15 days, with 2nd or single dose, and who do not have any symptoms, are considered.
    The format does not apply to the construction site environment, where the development of the Action Program requires physical presence 100% of the time,  and which, since the beginning of the pandemic, has already adopted all precautionary measures to prevent the Covid-19 contagion and transmission.

    OTP is practicing remote work, with alignment between leader and subordinate for cases where physical presence in the office is required.

    Due to the nature of the operation, Enseada only had its offices closed for 3 months, from March to June 2020. Since July, they have been working in a flex office model, alternating face-to-face work with home office.

    Vexty has begun a gradual and very careful return to face-to-face work. The company encourages everyone who has already taken the two doses of the vaccines available  (or one dose in case of a single dose) to begin their return to office. Consistent with what has been communicated in this period, Vexty’s work becomes hybrid (part remote, part at the office)with no defined periodicity yet. Following the same consistency, those who do not feel comfortable with this return, or who need to stay home at this time for personal or family reasons, can remain at home office.

    Norberto Odebrecht Foundation
    At the Foundation, the activities are mostly face-to-face, with the members being in the office from Monday to Thursday and at home office on Fridays.

    Since 2020, Horiens has adopted the hybrid working model, with part of its members’ routine in the office and part in remote format. Today, as the pandemic numbers improve, the members immunized with the covid-19 vaccine (with two doses or single dose plus time for effective immunization) are gradually returning to this model, through a plan designed in phases and with the maintenance of health and safety protocols, such as wearing masks and reducing the capacity of people allowed in the office. To keep members up to date with the rules and guidelines during the covid-19 scenario, virtual meetings are held periodically with the entire team and, in addition, the company makes available a complete material on the subject, the Guide to On-Site Work at Horiens.

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