• Nova Infra Invest presents brand and strategic direction for the 2024 cycle

    DATE: 04/02/2024

    Published by: Nova Infra Invest

    On March 12 and 13, Paulo Melo, LN of Nova Infra Invest, presented the PA and the strategic direction of the Novonor Group’s newest business at a meeting in Lima, Peru. Héctor Núñez, Novonor’s CEO, Daniel Villar, a member of Novonor’s Board of Directors, Luiz Gordilho, DPA Peru, and leaders from Brasil, Panamá and Peru.

    Nova Infra Invest, announced on December 18, 2023, has the purpose of developing, investing in, executing and managing concessions in Latin America and is already born with important differentials in this market. It is the largest private operator of highways in Peru and Panama, with more than 1,800 km under concession, and the largest private operator of irrigation water supply in Peru, with more than 38,000 ha. It has more than 2,500 employees across all its operations, people with expertise and leadership, a fundamental pillar in the markets in which it operates.

    “Peru continues to be attractive and has investment potential. We have accumulated knowledge in the region and see opportunities for growth, including synergies with OEC in the provision of engineering and construction services, while respecting business governance,” said Paulo Melo.

    The brand

    The meeting also saw the presentation of the Nova Infra Invest brand, whose concept is “Investment that connects”. Each project is an opportunity to build investment, connection and growth between people, companies and communities, in favor of economic and social development.




    Click here to access the Brand Guide.


    Independent Directors

    Nova Infra Invest’s concessionaires, H2Olmos and Trasvase Olmos, recently appointed Fernando Cilloniz Benavides and Carlos Paredes Lanatta as Independent Directors with the aim of consolidating the growth of both projects, as well as strengthening the management of ethics and integrity policies in their operations. Read more here.

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