• Monitoring the fish community in Enseada’s area of influence reveals species that are bioindicators of environmental quality

    DATE: 04/03/2024

    Published by: Enseada

    Since 2012, Enseada has been monitoring fish as part of the Aquatic Biota Monitoring Program. This is an initiative aimed at assessing possible impacts on aquatic fauna resulting from the implementation and operation of your project.

    The program’s main objective is not only to detect any possible negative effects, but also to provide subsidies for the integrated management of fishing resources in the company’s region of influence.

    Carried out every six months by specialized professionals, the monitoring uses appropriate methodologies to guarantee results that are close to reality, recognizing the sample nature of the work. The data obtained during the 2023 campaigns revealed the presence of two important bioindicator species of environmental quality.

    Bioindication is a valuable technique that uses certain species as indicators of the ecological state of an ecosystem. The presence and health of these species are signs that the environment is in balance. In the context of the monitoring carried out by Enseada, these bioindicators play a crucial role in verifying the quality of the environment, especially in large-scale projects where significant impacts can be observed.

    During the 2023 campaigns, two bioindicator species were identified: the mynah (Bathygobius soporator) and the seahorse (Hippocampus reidi). Mirim and seahorses are sensitive to environmental changes and require good water quality conditions to remain in that particular environment. Their presence indicates healthy waters and well-preserved ecosystems.

    The 2023 monitoring campaigns reveal that the fish community in the region maintains structural similarities with groups found previously, with important representativeness and similarities in habitat use. Benthic and pelagic species continue to be observed, indicating relative stability in the ecosystem.

    The results reinforce the importance of continuous and detailed monitoring of the fish community in projects such as Enseada. The presence of bioindicator species not only provides important data on environmental quality, but also guides conservation strategies and the sustainable management of natural resources.

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