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    DATE: 02/10/2022

    Published by: Norberto Odebrecht Foundation

    It is possible to reapply the PDCIS Social Program in your region and professionalize your NGO

    In 2021, Fleishman Hillard’s Authenticity Gap survey pointed out that about one-third (32%) of consumers’ perception of brands is linked to the impact they leave on society. Therefore, in addition to the concern with the performance of services, private and public sectors must also structure actions to promote a better world if they want to maintain their relevance to customers and citizens. And to support this quest for sustainable development, the Norberto Odebrecht Foundation offers services to support social investors, governments, and companies in their quest for social impact.

    The main service offered by the Foundation is the reapplication of the PDCIS, a social program that, for almost two decades and with proven impacts, promotes sustainable territorial development in socially vulnerable regions of Bahia. To do so, this technology works to strengthen family agriculture, respecting the vocation of the benefited communities, aiming to leverage economic growth with social inclusion and in harmony with the environment. And it is possible to customize the different practices that are part of the PDCIS to match different demands, focusing, for example, on education, economic development, sustainability, or other themes.

    The Foundation’s services are available to social investors, companies, and governments

    “We know that there are many companies, municipalities, and social investors that have a commitment to the next generations and are looking for a structured ESG performance,” explains Cristiane Nascimento, responsible for the Sustainability, Partnerships, and Communication area at the Foundation. ” We understand that the PDCIS is a technology that can help them bring positive impact to their regions,” she adds. “Therefore, we are available to contact claimants who want to reapply the PDCIS at their operation sites.”

    To reapply the Program, it is necessary to identify the needs of the community to be served and the source of investments. With this information, the Foundation can offer several solutions present in its technology and build an organized project with all the steps for the implementation of the PDCIS in your region. After the project is approved, the Norberto Odebrecht Foundation will transfer technology to your company, local government and/or partner organizations, guaranteeing independence and autonomy in the Program’s execution in the long term.

    Contact the Norberto Odebrecht Foundation by clicking here to learn more about the reapplication of the PDCIS Social Program.

    Institutional strengthening

    In cases where a social project is already underway, the Norberto Odebrecht Foundation offers another service that can help expand the social impact generated in your region. Through technical consulting, the Foundation strengthens civil society organizations, supporting them to better structure their processes and to have an organized and reliable management to conduct their projects and transform the lives of more and more people.

    “We have significant experience with management, as we have supported the compliance, governance, monitoring and project realization of our partner institutions within the PDCIS since 2003,” explains Beatriz Lepikson, responsible for the People, Compliance and Finance area at the Norberto Odebrecht Foundation. “And this contribution makes a difference in the day to day life of these organizations, which today are recognized by large partners in their ability to promote positive change,” she adds.

    Some examples of these impacts are the selection of the Foundation’s partner Family Homes to receive the funds from Criança Esperança and notices from Santander and the Cargill Foundation; and the selection of the Organização de Conservação da Terra (OCT), another institution that is part of the PDCIS, as the Best Environmental NGO in the country, in 2019.

    To carry out the technical consulting, steps for the diagnosis, technology transfer, institutional planning, support for funds mobilization and communication, and assistance in building a compliance program, among others, are taken. Are you interested? Contact the Norberto Odebrecht Foundation to learn more about this service.

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