• Inspired to transform, OR completes 15 years

    DATE: 11/24/2022

    Published by: OR

    Novonor Group’s construction company and real estate developer celebrates its trajectory and future releases

    With real estate activities heating up in Brazil in 2007, Novonor, a Brazilian-based group with over 75 years of history, created OR. The company was created to strengthen the Group’s presence in this market and reinforce the concepts of quality, selectivity, and differentiation that already characterized Novonor’s enterprises.

    This year, OR celebrates 15 years in the market, standing out with its focus on the incorporation and construction of residential, corporate, and subdivision developments, transforming and contributing to the conscious and sustainable development of the urban space around it.

    With more than 55 thousand clients and 90 projects delivered in more than 22 cities in Brazil, OR is also consolidated as a business partner that seeks integrated solutions for those who want to invest in the real estate business, differentiating itself by delivering projects with certified quality, recognized by the market, and that, above all, are inspired by the client’s desire and the search for innovation.


    A history of great milestones: pioneers in LEED ND certification in Brazil

    The Parque da Cidade enterprise, located in São Paulo, is a multi-use complex comprised of 10 buildings: five corporate towers, one office tower, two residential towers, a shopping mall, and a hotel, bringing together an unprecedented set of sustainable solutions that observe the environmental aspects, the quality of life of people, and the benefits to the region. The development has a Silver level LEED certification for Neighborhood Development, developed by the U.S Green Building Council that aims to address the challenges of rapid urbanization and climate change around the world. The enterprise was the first in Brazil to obtain the seal.


    New neighborhoods: convenience, comfort and development

    Among its more than 90 projects delivered, smart neighborhoods are also part of OR’s portfolio, which provide a complete infrastructure for the residents, besides encouraging the development of the region, generating jobs and leisure structures for the surrounding population.

    Located in Sauípe – Bahia, Destino Sauípe is one of the smart neighborhoods built by OR that encompasses 3 developments: Quintas de Sauípe and Casas de Sauípe, two condominiums of houses with complete infrastructure, and Reserva Sauípe, a condominium with residential lots to for vacation homes. The neighborhood has many options for services, entertainment, and leisure, making it a complete location for those who would like to visit or live in the region.

    Reserva do Paiva, located in Cabo de Santo Agostinho, is a landmark of urban planning in the Metropolitan Region of Recife, with complete infrastructure for housing, leisure, work and tourism, it already has 9 OR developments. The neighborhood is integrated to the exuberant natural scenery of Paiva and guarantees the quality of the local infrastructure, the efficiency of common services, and the socio-environmental sustainability of the region.


    OR in Salvador’s history

    As its main focus, OR has been present in Salvador’s history since its beginning. Being a trajectory that is far from over, it travels through several neighborhoods in the city, transforming each location and positively impacting the lives of its inhabitants.

    Due to its strong presence in the city of Bahia, the company has won the Top Of Mind Salvador award 9 times. An important and respected spontaneous market remembrance award, which ranks companies through an opinion poll, responsible for identifying the leading organizations and brands that occupy the first place in the minds of consumers.


    Building dreams: ventures in OR’s works

    OR’s future releases are located throughout São Paulo, Bahia, and Pernambuco and will soon be presented to the market. The projects under construction are concentrated in Bahia and Pernambuco: Verano (PE), Monvert (BA) and Terra Dourada Parque Camaçari (BA).

    Verano, located in Reserva do Paiva – PE, is a development that has 4 residential towers with a total of 208 units of 97m². In addition to being located in front of Parque da Lagoa and overlooking the lagoon and the sea, one of the project’s greatest differentials is that it was developed so that all its apartments have a definitive view not only of the sunrise, but also of the sunset.

    Monvert, in its turn, is a high-standard project, located in Salvador – BA, with 4-bedroom apartments of 230 and 285 m², divided into two towers of 34 and 36 floors, totaling 140 units. Monvert has two independent access ways that offer more safety and convenience for residents to get home. In addition, it has a large green area, bringing greater contact with nature and several leisure options for all ages.

    The most recent work started by OR is the condominium of lots, Terra Dourada Parque Camaçari, located in Camaçari – BA. The development has leisure spaces integrated with nature, fully equipped common areas, seeking to bring even more comfort to the residents, such as: Pet Park, party room, kids’ room, gourmet space, adult and children’s swimming pool, shared bicycle system, soccer field, bicycle parking, gym, and fitness space for open-air exercises.


    Beyond the Enterprise: OR’s ESG Commitment

    Thinking beyond the search for excellence in the construction of projects to satisfy clients, OR is concerned with adopting premises focused on the well-being of its members, the sustainable development of the communities where it operates, and the commitment to an ethical, integral and transparent performance.

    For this reason, the company is a founding member of the Green Building Council, a global movement present in 80 countries that works for the transformation of the construction industry toward sustainability.Furthermore, OR is one of the companies with the largest number of projects with green certificates in the country.

    In order to reinforce its commitment in bringing the representativeness of our diverse society into the workplace, OR launched in 2021 its first Diversity and Inclusion policy along with the creation of a committee for internal discussions and actions on the topic. In 2022, OR won its approval as a signatory to UN Women, aiming to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment in the workplace, marketplace, and community.

    By the end of last year, the company also adopted the Business Pact for Integrity and Against Corruption, of the Ethos Institute, committing to disclose the Brazilian anti-corruption legislation to its employees and stakeholders, so that it is fully complied with. It also undertakes to forbid any form of bribery, to work for legality and transparency in contributions to political campaigns, and to collaborate in investigations.


    Culture that inspires business and guides the future

    OR is inspired and guided by its strong values and a consolidated culture that is perceived and practiced on a daily basis, in the actions of each member and in the interactions between teams and with all related parties.

    Delivering projects and carrying out actions that transform and deserve to be celebrated, besides the undertakings, in the last 15 years stories, relationships, partnerships, and many dreams have been built. OR continues to be a company that will always be under construction, driving the development of people and investing in innovation in search of the best results.

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