• From theory to practice: CEEP students visit the Enseada Industrial Complex

    DATE: 05/25/2023

    Published by: Enseada

    On May 11th, Enseada started a cycle of technical visits for students from Centro Estadual de Educação Profissional (CEEP) from Vale do Paraguaçu, in Maragojipe. The first visit in 2023 was of the class of the Technical Labor Safety training course and was attended by 43 students and teachers who were able to deepen their knowledge in the area and learn about the procedures and practices of the industrial and port complex.

    The students were welcomed in the training room for a safety briefing and attended a lecture on Occupational Safety, followed by a presentation on the socio-environmental programs and actions carried out in the surrounding communities. They had the opportunity to clarify their doubts and learn about the possibilities and challenges of the chosen field. Next, they were guided by the QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment) coordinator for a guided tour of the project facilities. At the end, the students received a kit from the sustainability collection called “Quilombos de Maragojipe.”

    For Luciene de Brito Santana, a student from the Vale do Paraguaçu CEEP, “When visiting the Enseada shipyard on May 11th, I was amazed by an extraordinary structure that surpassed my imagination. I was warmly received initially by technician Eliene Lima, whose presence was of utmost importance during my visit to Enseada. I received several clarifications about the operations at Enseada, that immense space with so many project implementation plans and all those idle resources. The speeches by technicians Pedro Barbosa and Morgana Andrade moved me in such a way that I will continue on this path. My motivation was so strong after their speeches that I am certain this will be the first of many steps I will take to further my professional development and become a safety technician.”

    According to Alan Prazeres, manager of the professional training center, “The technical visit complements the teaching and learning process as a didactic-pedagogical resource that effectively demonstrates excellent educational outcomes. Students experience the day-to-day operations of the company by listening, observing, and feeling, making the process more motivating and meaningful for their learning. It is truly beneficial to have companies like Enseada in our city. Not only does it have a long history of partnership with our institution, but it also inspires and motivates many young people and adults to pursue technical vocational training. This, in turn, leads to a constant pursuit of better living conditions for themselves and their families.”

    “It was an incredible experience to visit one of the largest structures in Latin America, the Golias. Being welcomed by a proactive team that was willing to contribute to on-site learning by combining theoretical and practical knowledge was truly valuable. Gratitude is the word that best expresses our appreciation. Thank you, Enseada, for the partnership in shaping these future technicians from CEEP Vale do Paraguaçu.” Joelma Alves, professor of the Industrial and Occupational Safety technical discipline, reports.

    Whenever requested by institutions operating in the communities within its area of influence, Enseada strives to dedicate efforts to engage, establish partnerships, and address socio-educational issues. This commitment reaffirms Enseada’s responsibility to the local population following its establishment in the region and fulfills its socio-environmental responsibility.

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