• Foundation is selected for the Steering Committee of the SDG Strategies Network

    DATE: 10/13/2022

    Published by: Norberto Odebrecht Foundation

    Coalition brings together business, civil society and government entities to promote the 2030 Agenda


    The Norberto Odebrecht Foundation is now part of the Steering Committee of the ODS Strategies Network, a coalition of organizations seeking to broaden the debate on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Brazil. The Foundation has been a member of the network since 2020. Now, invited to be part of the entity’s committee, the foundation will also be responsible for contributing to the strategic direction and monitoring of the entity’s action plans.

    Currently, the managing committee of the coalition includes the Global Compact Network Brazil, the National Front of Mayors (FNP), the ABRINQ Foundation, the Avina Foundation, the Group of Institutes, Foundations and Companies (GIFE), the Ethos Institute, the Center for Sustainability Studies of the Getúlio Vargas School (FGV), and the Public Agenda. Together with them and the other entities selected, the Foundation will be able to support the fulfillment of the SDG Strategies Network letter of principles and mobilize the organized civil society, companies, academia, and the government to achieve the United Nations’ SDGs.

    The Foundation will help build the strategic direction of the coalition of organizations, companies and public authorities

    Adélcio Menezes, Partnership coordinator, will be Norberto Odebrecht Foundation’s focal point on the committee.  For him, the foundation’s participation will bring a potential to expand the contribution already brought by the Foundation. “At the local level, internal studies have already identified the potential of our Social Program to contribute to the achievement of 13 of the 17 of Agenda 2030 goals,” he explains. “By joining the committee, we hope to expand our advocacy actions for the SDGs with organizations across the country. Everything conciliated with our current moment, of taking our social solutions to other places in the country”, he says.

    The selection for the entity’s managing committee was made after a call from the SDG Strategies Network itself, as explained by Sérgio Andrade, executive director of the Public Agenda and member of the coalition’s Executive Department. “The selection process for new managing committee members marks the coalition’s internal transition and the closure of the SDG Strategy Network Strengthening Project, co-funded by the European Union,” he says.

    SDG Brazil Strategies Award

    In July this year, the Norberto Odebrecht Foundation was in the top three winners of the Brazil SDG Strategy 2022 Award, organized by the entity which is now part of the management committee. The recognized practice of Educational-Productive Projects (PEP) is part of a range of solutions coming from almost 20 years of experience in coordinating the PDCIS, the Foundation’s Social Program. Learn more about this practice here!

    In addition to winning the third place, another practice that is part of the PDCIS was also recognized at the awards ceremony. The Ecological Septic Tanks, inspired by the social technology created by the City Hall of Caratinga (MG), received a certification among the 10 best actions candidate for the SDG Brazil Strategy Award.

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