• Enseada signs agreement to receive drilling rig

    DATE: 08/27/2018

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    Enseada has just received the SS Norbe VI drilling unit, belonging to Ocyan, the Oil & Gas arm of the Odebrecht Group. The platform is expected to remain in the shipyard for routine maintenance. The unit is currently available for new contracts after having operated seven years for Petrobras. No services are expected to be performed that require new staffing.

    According to Ruffo Chiconelli, New Business Officer of Enseada, few shipyards in Brazil have quays 13 meters deep to receive a drilling rig without the removal of thrusters (propulsion equipment installed at the bottom of the vessel).

    “Docking a platform, with thrusters installed, is a differential for our clients. Besides being a shipyard with a quay that is 1 kilometer long and 13 meters deep, we are a Private Use Terminal (TUP) authorized by ANTAQ and designed to receive and store equipment and materials directly in the shipyard. Another advantage of our industrial facility is that we have a 29 MW power substation, which enables vessels to be powered without having to generate their own energy, which results in savings for our clients,” Ruffo stated.

    Enseada Indústria Naval owns a 5th generation shipyard spanning 1,600,000m², strategically located in the city of Maragojipe in Bahia, with privileged waterway and highway access.


    About NORBE VI

    The platform, owned by Ocyan, is a 5th generation semi-submersible vessel capable of operating in water depths of up to 2,400 meters and well depths of up to 7,500m. The unit has equipment and facilities designed to operate with the Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) system. From July 2011 to July 2018, the platform operated in 40 oil wells in the Campos, Santos and Espirito Santo Basins.


    New brand

    After a long restructuring period during which Enseada was strongly affected by the crisis faced by the sector, the company is ready and restructured to once again compete with the largest domestic and international players in the naval and offshore industry. In addition to the strategic repositioning that expanded the company’s scope of operations, but preserved its naval and offshore vocation, Enseada launched its new brand today (Aug. 24).

    The new logo, which is more modern, dynamic and has a touch of Brazilianness, translates the new moment at Enseada, which combines state-of-the-art technology, long-term vision, the spirit of overcoming challenges, a strong sustainability policy and ethical action.

    Enseada’s new brand clearly conveys the possible balance between nature and industry. Besides drawing inspiration from production modularity, the new graphical design evokes the dynamism of the naval industry and the company’s modern industrial complex, which is established, licensed and operational in Maragojipe, Bahia.

    According to Maurício Almeida, CEO of Enseada, the company is ready to build a more productive, competitive and sustainable future.

    “We are backed by what is cutting-edge in the world – a 5th generation shipyard – and are ready to once again generate jobs and development for Brazil,” says Almeida


    About Enseada Indústria Naval

    Enseada Indústria Naval owns a 5th generation shipyard spanning 1,600,000m², strategically located in the city of Maragojipe in Bahia, with privileged waterway and highway access.

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