• Enseada celebrates Children’s Day with a focus on environmental education and quilombola culture

    DATE: 10/19/2023

    Published by: Enseada

    On Children’s Day this year, Enseada carried out a series of actions aimed at the well-being and education of children in the region. Among the four initiatives, one stood out for its environmental approach and promotion of the quilombola culture, providing not only fun but also raising awareness among children about the legends and stories of quilombola communities in the region.

    Children’s Week at the Antônio Virgílio de Medina Municipal School in São Roque do Paraguaçu had a special focus on environmental education. The activities led by the teachers included interactive games related to the environment, fashion shows featuring recyclable clothing, and Enseada, through the representative of the Sustainability team, Eliene Lima, organized a special storytelling session for 50 students, introducing the emblematic figures of the “Granny of the Mangrove and Granny of the Forest.”

    This unique story features Granny as the protagonist, considered the protector of the local mangroves and forests. She plays a significant role in raising awareness among children about the importance of conserving these vital ecosystems. In addition, Granny plays tricks on people who mistreat the mangroves and the forest, making the narrative even more educational.

    The initiative involved active participation from the students themselves, many of whom live in the Baixão do Guaí quilombo, a quilombola community in the region. For these children, the story of the Granny of the Mangrove and Granny of the Forest was not just a narrative but a part of their cultural heritage, passed down orally from generation to generation. Besides storytelling, the children at Antônio Virgílio School enjoyed treats distributed by the Enseada team.

    In the quilombola community of Porto da Pedra, toys and snacks were distributed to approximately 48 children aged 1 to 15, thanks to a partnership between Enseada, FGS, Gereré Tour, and Dynamica.

    The 121 children at Creche Mário Gordilho in São Roque do Paraguaçu received gifts of children’s magic boards donated by Copa Ambiental, which are intended to be used in the classroom for educational activities.

    The quilombola community of Dendê held various activities for its children and Enseada was present with the distribution of toys and treats. 50 children benefited from the initiative.

    The action carried out by Enseada on Children’s Day 2023 provided special moments and certainly contributes to building a more conscious and sustainable future for all, which values the region’s cultural traditions.


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