• Educational Leadership – Check out the closing of the 1st edition of the OR program

    DATE: 11/24/2022

    Published by: OR

    On Wednesday (9), OR closed the 1st edition of Liderança Educadora Program, structured to bring knowledge, acculturation, and important exchanges for the formation of the members who are and will be the future leaders within OR.

    The program was attended by 24 young adults who were able to participate in 12 modules consisting of self-knowledge activities, leadership tools, business cases, and many moments of sharing about the life and career of the most experienced leaders who have practiced Our Culture since the beginning of their professional careers.

    As a way of connecting the participants even more, in the last module of the Program, the members were invited to a face-to-face meeting in our regional office in Bahia. In this meeting they had the opportunity to get to know the Monvert enterprise, which is in the final stretch to its delivery; participate in orders about the case of the enterprise, stimulating creativity and how to solve the problems encountered; in addition to an enriching moment of exchange and reflection with LN, Eduardo Pedreira, who talked about all the challenges and achievements present in his personal and professional career, inspiring the new generation of OR.

    Check below the testimonials from some of the participants about the Educational Leadership Program:

    “Participating in the leadership program was an amazing exchange of experiences! We, leaders, are challenged daily, and being able to listen to how each leader excels in difficulties is enriching and increases our repertoire. These are moments that we must treasure for our entire career!

    In our professional life we will live with peers, leaders and followers of different profiles/cultures, and to create harmony in the relationship, we first need to know ourselves, to have self-knowledge, to know our strengths and weaknesses, and then, we can help others!

    In this program, I was able to explore my personal and professional skills, so that I can mold myself as a better person and professional.

    It is gratifying to feel part of a humanized company that invests in human beings, in their development.”

    Gabriel Maia – Production, PE

    “The Educator Leadership was, without a doubt, a milestone in my trajectory within OR. As a member of a reduced area, the biggest gain I could have was the opportunity to strengthen ties between all areas and between the regions, achieving an effectively close relationship between so many motivated people who yearn for common goals.”

    Fernanda Motta – Controllership BA

    “The Leadership Educator was an extremely enriching and rewarding experience. The program was designed and structured in a very organized, dynamic and didactic way, divided into modules with different fundamental topics for the development of our leadership qualities and with tools and dynamics that provoked us at all times to put into practice the learning about the discussed topic, everything always very connected and related to aspects of our culture through examples/cases of challenges faced and overcome by OR, including overcome with direct contribution of colleagues participating in the program, and the conversations with leaders of OR and the group who have gone through great leadership challenges and who today are references, making all the exchange of knowledge and experiences even more motivating and contributing a lot to our development as leaders and people.”

    Ricardo Pires – Incorporation SP

    See the images of the last meeting:


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