• ECO Monvert – First Construction Conclusion Meeting

    DATE: 08/04/2022

    Published by: OR

    Last Saturday (30), The first Construction Conclusion Meeting (ECO) took place, new OR initiative that will take place in the final stretch of completion of each work to be delivered. The meeting aims at to bring together those in charge and some project leaders to discuss the lessons learned, define the main alignments for the success of the enterprise, pay tribute to the members, and update them on future OR projects.

    See the meeting’s agenda:


    The Director of Construction, André Basto, opened this first edition, which took place at the OR Experience in SSA, and he talked about the importance and objective of the new program.


    Next, the DS, Daniel Sampaio, updated the personnel about the projects being studied and the upcoming launches, focusing on the newest, the Legacy.

    Soon after, Emerson Moreira from the New Business area and Livian Machado from the Upstream Engineering area complemented the presentation of the Engineering specifications of the new release. At this moment, the personnel pointed out the challenge of finding specialized people for the new ventures in the market, highlighting that Monvert has provided, through work education, the training of professionals who perform with excellence. Jeronimo Ferreira, a foreman says with optimism: “I’m happy to see that the company is getting stronger and expects the people’s recognition along with the company’s growth”.

    Visit to the client’s room

    Next, Melissa Torres from the Product Development team conducted a tour to the Legacy customer room. It was an immersion moment, where participants could experience client’s service at OR’s new business in SSA.


    André Basto and Marcelo Cruz from the Production team paid a tribute to the foremen present at the event by giving them pins representing the Our Culture value that each one practices in their daily routine at the construction site.


    At the end, the honorees received the plaques that the Legacy clients will receive when they purchase the development. The plaque has the phrase “Time is our home” and symbolizes all the time they dedicated to the construction of the developments and the fulfillment of the dreams of clients and families who will build their stories in these “homes”.

    For the closing speech, André Basto talked about the importance of entrepreneurship, delegation, and people’s development throughout the years, and that he counts on everyone for the success of Legacy and the new ventures to come.

    “I think that the alignment and discussion about the future of OR with our foremen and leaders in the 90 days prior to the completion of the Work demonstrates our focus on customer satisfaction and reinforces the climate of transparency and efficiency we create in our environments. Monvert will be a landmark in our city and this is only possible because of the quality and commitment of the people on our team,” concludes DS, Daniel Sampaio about the new ECO Monvert program.

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