• Destaque Award: check out the winners of the 30th edition

    DATE: 12/20/2021

    Published by: News Braskem Norberto Odebrecht Foundation OTP OR OEC Ocyan Novonor Horiens Vexty Enseada

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    Congratulations to the winners! In 2022, what will you share?


    The rise of productivity in carbon steel pipe fitting using the Butt-Strap and FlexSleeve System.

    Company: OEC

    Authors: Gustavo Magalhães Moraes, Gustavo Baqueiro Costa, José Xavier de Morais Junior, Maico Aparecido dos Anjos, Márcio Rocha Costa, Mateus Machado Narciso, Matheus Sales Rodrigues, and Rafael Andrade de Oliveira.

    Young Members

    Management Application for Technical Consultations.

    Company: Braskem

    Authors: Ariel Robinson Moreira and Fulvio Viçoso.


    From the Petrobras’ restriction to the best years in history: image and reputation turnaround.

    Company: Ocyan

    Authors: André Luiz Barros, Camila Chaves, Danilo Fadel, Paulo Tavares, Rafael Silva, Rogério Moll, and Victor Gonçalves.

    Knowledge Reuse

    ETBE conversion.

    Company: Braskem

    Authors: Eduardo Camelyer, Cristina Enzweiler, Luisa Scheibler and Maria Vitória Baron


    HSE monitoring in Risk area using IoT technology – smart badges.

    Company: Braskem

    Authors: Andre Dedding Lacerda, Carlos Henrique Ferreira de Castro, Daniel Dantas Mathias, Klinger Isaac Luz Santos, Luiz Marcelo Fonseca Soares, Pedro Lalor, and Wandesmer Thiago Soares Pontes.


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