• Concessionaire Trasvase Olmos (CTO) contributes to the lighting of the village of Huabal

    DATE: 04/02/2024

    Published by: News

    CTO, the concessionaire responsible for operating the Olmos Project bypass, has installed the secondary network, lighting and connections for the electrification of the center of the village of Huabal

    Huabal, located in San Felipe, Jaén province, Cajamarca, has been awaiting the arrival of the electricity service for years, which will enable the development of its inhabitants, facilitating the education of children and young people, the start-up of enterprises such as sewing, carpentry and metalworking workshops, among others.

    In December 2023, the electrification work in the village of Huabal was completed, allowing more than 90 homes, 2 educational institutions and other community establishments to have access to electricity. This was possible thanks to the joint work of the villagers, the Peruvian state and the Trasvase Olmos S.A. concessionaire, which donated the connection to the secondary network, the lighting and the connections.

    The inauguration of this project took place on Wednesday, March 20, in the presence of the main authorities in the city center, where it could be seen that the electrification of Huabal is an important milestone, awaited for many years and which reflects the commitment to the development of the area of influence of the project.

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