• 20 years of Knowledge Communities and shared know-how

    DATE: 02/18/2022

    Published by: News Novonor

    Novonor is a decentralized Group present in America, Africa, and Europe. With more than 24 thousand members working in different sectors, the exchange of ideas in a scenario like this is essential in order to avoid duplication of efforts, integrate People, promote the improvement of results, qualify the operation and generate opportunities.

    In order to overcome the challenge of coordinating and transferring the knowledge generated in the different locations, the Knowledge Communities were created in 2001, composed of members who are specialists in horizontal themes (which permeate the Group’s companies) and vertical themes (specific and of interest to the Business) – structured from face-to-face or online meetings with their own methodology, they bring together Members with common interests and who are willing to share their learning and innovations, enabling know-how to be disseminated and developed collaboratively.

    Among the program’s objectives are:

    – to encourage the registration and diffusion of tacit and explicit knowledge in the Group.
    – to promote business/people integration.
    – to encourage the reuse of knowledge.
    – to promote discussion of internal cases to learn from mistakes and successes.
    – to share with the company innovations coming from the market or through consultancies.
    – to integrate and transfer experiences between the Communities.

    The first Knowledge Community installed was Dams and Power Plants. At that time, we were running 22 power plants and dams simultaneously. Since then, 14 other Communities have been created and/or are in the process of being structured. They are: Contract Administration; Communication; Building; Equipment; Industrial; Maritime Infrastructure, Urban Infrastructure; People and Culture; Roads; Engineering Systems; Procurement and Logistics; Sustainability; Rail Transportation and Information Technology.

    One of the main reasons that drive the Knowledge Communities program is that a creative solution found to a problem in Angola, for instance, can be used by a team in Peru. Examples like this have avoided wasted time and money, increasing productivity and the contract output. Becoming a member is very simple: all you need is to be a Member of one of Novonor Group companies and have installed the Yammer app on your mobile phone or access Office 365 with your corporate account to join.

    On February 16, the first Webinar of the year was held, promoted by the Dams and Power Plants Community, in which Member Wendel Pedroso, responsible for Engineering and Planning for the Pigeon Island HPP project, shared his experience and spoke about the topic “Use of Drone for Planning and Monitoring the Works”, here. In addition to this event, there will also be other actions throughout the year in the other Knowledge Communities, find out more.

    Besides the Communities, the Novonor Knowledge Network is integrated by other programs, among them Destaque Award, which seek to promote greater synergy between our businesses and overcome the challenge of a decentralized performance model, by increasing interaction between people, disseminating knowledge and best practices.

    The Business Coordination of the Knowledge Communities program is in charge of Ciaden – Knowledge and Information to Support Business Development, which is part of OEC’s Engineering area. Should you have any questions or want to know more details on how to participate, please write to

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