• Message from CEO | Braskem and Ocyan Leaders

    DATA: 11/28/2022

    Dear Members,

    I hereby inform that Braskem’s Business Leader, Roberto Simões, will leave his position as leader of the Company on 12/31/2022, after 3 years in office. At the same time, he will also leave his duties as a member of Braskem’s Board of Directors. This decision occurs by common agreement between the parties and Roberto will pursue other personal projects.

    During his 3 years as Business Leader, we achieved historic financial results for the company, increased the importance of the company’s performance in Circular Economy, developing a new vision and strategy for the future of the business, achieved historic records in image and reputation of the company before all stakeholders, in safety of people and processes, in Compliance, and reinforced the role of the areas of Governance, Innovation & Technology and the themes of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

    Roberto Bischoff, the controlling shareholder, is being appointed to replace him. Bischoff has a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and has been with the Group for 43 years. He is a deep connoisseur of the Petrochemical sector, having served at Braskem from 1979 to 2019, in several action programs, among them Leader of Ipiranga Petroquímica in the integration with Braskem’s operations, Leader for the PE and Vinyl businesses, Leader for the implementation of the Ethylene XXI Project and Leader for the JV with Idesa in Mexico, Leader for Business in Latin America and Leader for Competitiveness and Productivity. He currently holds the position of Business Leader for Ocyan, a company in the Oil & Gas sector controlled by Novonor.

    Roberto Bischoff’s nomination will be formally submitted to the approval of Braskem’s Board of Directors. As of December 1, Bischoff will begin the transition with Roberto Simões in the Company’s business challenge, taking over the program permanently at the beginning of January 2023.

    To replace Roberto Bischoff as Ocyan Business Leader, Novonor appoints Roberto Ramos.

    With a degree in mechanical engineering from UFRJ, a post-graduate degree in Management Development Program from Harvard Business School, and a master’s degree from the University of Leicester, England, Roberto Ramos returns to the position of Ocyan Business Leader, held by him between 2010 and 2014. Over the past 7 years Roberto has contributed as a board member to the company, being a member of the Finance Committee and coordinator of the Strategy and Innovation Committee.

    Roberto Ramos’ nomination will be submitted to Ocyan’s Board of Directors for approval.

    Throughout December, Bischoff will transfer the leadership of Ocyan to Ramos, so that as of early January 2023, Ramos will take over the new program permanently.

    We wish Roberto Bischoff and Roberto Ramos the best of luck in their new journeys. We thank Roberto Simões for all his professionalism in leading Braskem and we also wish him success in his future personal projects.



    Héctor Núñez

    CEO | Novonor S.A.



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    Date: 28/11/22

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