• Case from OR wins IBRADIM Real Estate Law award.

    DATE: 07/27/2023

    Published by: OR

    The first edition of the award featured several submitted projects and five winners.

    The Institute of Real Estate Law – IBRADIM published, in December 2022, the call for submission of cases for the first edition of the Real Estate Development Structuring Case award.

    The proponents and their real cases of legal structuring of real estate developments were evaluated by a panel, formed by specialists in Real Estate Law, who analyzed criteria such as: challenges faced, creativity and originality, and correct application of the institutes and released the result last week.

    The OR case

    The individuals responsible for the development and submission of the OR project were Bruno Guerra, Manuella Tavares, Paula Palmeira, and Ligia Paiva from the Legal team. The work, related to the incorporation of the Legacy enterprise, in Salvador/BA, which had its approval initially rejected by DECEA – Department of Airspace Control, due to its height (42 and 46 upper floors), and after an appeal was filed by the real estate developer, along with a report on the matter, the project was approved by the regulatory agency. The incorporation was made possible through a public deed of dissolution of the condominium, to divide the existing ordinary condominium on the property, which allowed the property to be subdivided, initially registered under a unified registration.

    The sharing of practices

    The five winning practical cases will be presented to the public in the “Real Estate Debate” magazine and will receive a certificate as the Winning Case of Real Estate Development Structuring.

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