• Braskem and Engeflex team up to produce a new coloring product from flexible plastic waste

    DATE: 09/28/2023

    Published by: Braskem

    Braskem, a market leader that claims to be committed to strengthening and implementing the circular economy, and Engeflex, a leading Brazilian company in the production and development of plastic solutions, have developed a line of masterbatches made up 100% of Wenew post-consumer recycled resin (PCR). Masterbatch is a concentrate of pigments or additives that can be incorporated into thermoplastic resins and used to color plastic products. The new masterbatch is produced with recycled resin from Braskem’s Wenew portfolio, made from flexible plastic waste that is more difficult to recycle. Its proposal is to maintain the sustainability of plastic packaging and artifacts that already have PCR, offering the industry a more sustainable pigmentation option.


    The product can be used in various segments such as automotive, agricultural materials, disposables, cosmetics, hygiene and cleaning, toys, construction, furniture, household appliances, sports, among others, as explained by Paulos de Mattos Coelho, Braskem’s Circular Economy commercial leader in South America: “We are proud to participate in the development of this new masterbatch, which expands the applications of post-consumer recycled resins. This partnership reinforces that Braskem is a company with quality circular solutions and that it is available to help clients and brand owners achieve their sustainability goals. In this way, we are helping to engage all the links in the production chain towards the circular economy”.

    In the statement, Braskem said that the partnership with Engeflex reinforces the company’s commitment to eliminating plastic waste. The company will expand its product portfolio to include 300,000 tons of products with recycled content by 2025; and, by 2030, 1 million tons of these products. Also for 2030, it will work to prevent 1.5 million tons of plastic waste from being sent for incineration, landfill or disposal in the environment.thiago

    “The circularity of plastic has become a recurring theme in all industries. Being in this important partnership with Braskem and offering our customers a more sustainable option in masterbatches is making a fundamental contribution to the transition from a linear to a circular system,” said the director of Engeflex do Brasil, Thiago Ostorero.

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